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Your vehicle’s steering and suspension are responsible for ensuring both comfort and performance. It is recommended that you get your steering and suspension inspected every 50,000 miles, as road conditions can cause the shocks, struts and springs to weaken. By staying on top of maintaining your steering and suspension (which only requires minor costs), you will be able to avoid more costly repairs.

In some situations, you might want to bring your car in sooner if you are experiencing the following:

  • A harsh or shaky ride
  • Excessive bouncing
  • A “crooked” steering wheel
  • Stiff or noisy steering
  • Excessive noise when driving over bumps

Uneven wearing on your tires can also pose as a sign that you need service. You may also experience fluid leaks, shock damage, worn or broken mounts or bushings, or your vehicle swaying, leaning, or nose diving at different times while driving.

What Our Services Include

Our steering and suspension services include:

  • Inspecting all shocks, struts, and springs for damage
  • Replacing worn, damaged, or missing parts
  • Making sure all parts are performing as intended
  • Aligning your wheels
  • Performing rear and front end suspension
  • Repairing Struts, shocks, and leafs
  • Replacing air springs and coil springs
  • Other related services, such as steering repair and steering fluid flush services

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You need to take your driver control, vehicle stability, and health of your tires seriously. Your steering and suspension are intricate systems that need to be handled by an expert. When you bring your car into our Columbia, MO auto repair shop, you can have total peace of mind that we will get it back up and running in optimal condition. Our steering and suspension services can help you enjoy a smoother and safer ride as well as better gas economy.

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