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7 Warning Signs of Failing Shocks and Struts

An important aspect of your car are the shocks and struts, as these parts are essential in ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. Not all vehicles have both shocks and struts, some just have shocks while others have only struts. Shocks are part of a vehicle’s suspension system, while struts are a complete suspension assembly.

shocks in vehicle suspension assembly

What Happens When Shocks or Struts Give Out?

If your shocks and/or struts are worn, your ride will become less comfortable and stable as the car will experience more bouncing. Even if you are willing to put up with a bouncy ride, you should consider the safety factors. Driving with worn or failing shocks and struts can increase your stopping distance, especially when the road is slippery or wet. You may not think you have a problem until you hit a slippery road and find out the hard way.

How Can I Tell if My Shocks and Struts are Failing?

Many factors are involved with the life of your shocks and struts. If you notice any of these warning signs, have a licensed mechanic check your car as soon as possible.

  1. Your vehicle constantly moves up and down, particularly at highway speeds. The movement may be slight but is noticeable.
  2. When braking suddenly or slamming on your brakes, the front of your car dips more than expected.
  3. During turns, the vehicle leans to one side, and during a sharp turn the vehicle feels wobbly and leans to the outside.
  4. When you hit the gas hard, the front of your vehicle rises and the rear lowers.
  5. Your tires bounce, particularly after hitting a bump. You may also hear a clunking sound.
  6. Your tires wear unevenly.
  7. Fluids leaks on the shocks or struts. This is a sign that the seals have broken and the internal fluids, essential to proper functioning, are escaping.

Driving with bad shocks and struts can be dangerous and lead to more expensive repairs if not promptly fixed.

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