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Air conditioner maintenance is an important element of your vehicle’s care routine when the weather heats up. If it’s been several months since the last time you used your car’s air conditioner or you notice any problem signs, consider having it checked in order to prevent or repair any air conditioning problems this summer.

repaired air conditioning vents in vehicle

Signs that Your Car Air Conditioner May Need Repair

No one wants to deal with a malfunctioning air conditioner on the hottest day of the summer. Fortunately, many air conditioner problems do not happen overnight. Instead, there are many tell-tale signs that your air conditioner may need to be repaired. Some common signs that your car’s air conditioner may be malfunctioning include:

  • A warm, weak, or otherwise poor air flow
  • Leakage
  • Rattling sounds
  • Unusual smells

If you notice warm air coming from you air conditioner, there are a few common reasons that are easy to fix. Low refrigerant is the most common cause of warm air, which prevents the system from working properly. Other possible causes include a

Getting ready for work or school in the morning is already so hard in the winter months. Having a malfunctioning car heating system only makes it worse! If your heating system isn’t working properly, now’s the time to have it repaired before the temperatures drop even lower.

hot air blowing from car vents after heating system was repaired

Why is a Heating System Important?

In addition to making your commute more comfortable, your car’s heater is also important to the car’s motor. It’s harder for gas to evaporate as the temperature decreases. If your heating system is not working, the fuel combustion system won’t be able to run as efficiently. This is especially true for older cars with carbureted engines. If your car is newer, you could technically drive it unheated without an immediate problem, but you’re putting more strain on the engine over time.

Does Your Car’s Heating System Need a Repair?

There may be a problem with your car’s heating system if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  1. A musty smell. If you start to smell something

Living an active lifestyle means sticking to a schedule that accommodates everything needed for you and your family to achieve your goals. A dependable vehicle is a key part of that equation, and when the temperature drops, you want the assurance that your car, and its heater, are functioning properly.

car heater working properly after heater repair maintenance

How A Car Heater Works

The moment you start your car, the engine begins to heat up and continues getting hotter as you drive. Some of the excess heat is lost through the exhaust system but the remainder is managed by the engine coolant. Once the vehicle has reached its normal operating temperature, the coolant circulates through the engine and transfers the heat to the radiator and heater core. A fan controlled by the passengers in the vehicle blows the heat from the heater core into the vehicle cabin.

Why Your Car Heater is Blowing Cold Air

It can be frustrating on a cold, winter day to turn on the heat in your car and have nothing but cold air blowing from the

It’s wintertime in the Midwest, which means a lot of snow and ice. In addition to making sure your car’s heat and high beams are up to snuff, you should also check on the defroster. You could be in big trouble if it stops working in the middle of the chilly season!

properly functioning defrost in vehicle

Why is the Defroster So Important?

It’s common sense to crank up the car’s heat when it’s cold outside. However, doing so can create condensation on the windshield, making it difficult to drive safely. When the temperature drops below freezing, a hard layer of ice can also accumulate on the windshield, obscuring your vision.

A functioning defroster eliminates both of these problems. It uses the warm air from the car’s heating system to melt the ice on the windshield. During the winter months, when temperatures can drop to single digits, being able to stay inside your warm car while your car’s defroster clears your windshield is an added luxury.

Some cars also have a rear defroster for the back windshield. While the front defroster

There is nothing more annoying during those hot summer months than your air conditioning blowing warm air. There are numerous reasons why your car’s A/C might not be working properly. Check out these five common reasons below.

air conditioning vents in vehicle blowing warm air

1. Leaking Refrigerant

A leak can happen for a wide variety of reasons and can be extremely difficult to detect. A couple reasons your refrigerant might be leaking include a loose joint or a worn service valve. If you suspect you may have a leak, it’s a good idea to contact a professional as soon as possible.

2. Clogged Air Filter

You might have a clogged air filter. This might not be the cause of the problem, but it could definitely be contributing to it. It’s important to ensure your car’s A/C filters are cleaned regularly.

3. Wrong Thermostat Settings

This is the most common cause of air conditioning issues and is fortunately a very easy fix. Double check your thermostat settings and make sure it’s set to “cool” and “auto”.

4. Issues with the