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During the hot summer months, having a functioning car air conditioning system is essential in keeping you and your passengers comfortable. To ensure your car’s air conditioning system operates efficiently during the year’s hottest months, it is crucial to keep up with regular air conditioning system maintenance. Check out these five benefits of regularly maintaining your car’s air conditioning system.

properly maintained car air conditioning system

1. Ensure Optimal Performance

Failure to maintain your auto air conditioner on a regular basis may trigger other issues and lead to a decrease in your car’s performance. Refrigerant leaks and dusty air filters are among common problems your AC system could face. Having a certified technician check your car’s AC on a regular basis ensures it works optimally by fixing any emerging issues.

2. Minimize Costly Repairs

By keeping up with routine auto air conditioning maintenance, you can minimize your expenditures in the long run. Maintenance costs are often lower than when your car’s air conditioning system breaks down completely.

3. Foster Good Air Quality

Your car’s air conditioner not

Missouri weather can be quite unpredictable and ever-changing. While the spring and fall seasons usually consist of mild temperatures, summers drag out and get hotter by the day and winters can get painfully cold. To ensure your drives are comfortable throughout the year, it is important to have a fully functional A/C and heating system.

Keeping cool when it’s hot and maintaining a toasty internal environment when it’s freezing outside is not only pleasant, but it is also healthy to do so for both you and your car’s engine. Regular maintenance needs to be carried out to ensure your car’s A/C and heating systems remain in tip-top condition. Check out a few reasons why carrying out maintenance on your car’s heater and A/C is important.

car ac and heating unit properly maintained

1. Air Conditioning Helps Defog Windows

Warm, humid mornings can cause your car’s windows to fog up, creating a lack of visibility. A properly functioning air conditioning system will help defog your car’s windshield by sucking the humidity from the ambient air.

2. The Heating System

One important system in your car you should check during the autumn season is your car heater. When you use your heater a lot in the winter, you run the risk of over exerting it. Ensuring your car heater is functioning optimally before winter weather hits and you need to use it often is always a good idea and can save you from uncomfortable drives and unnecessary costs. Keep reading to check out a few steps you can take yourself before you need to call on a mechanic.

car heater functioning properly after maintenance repair

How to Check If Your Car Heater is Working Properly

While consistent, more serious issues will require professional help, there are a few steps you can take to inspect your car heater before you go to a mechanic.

  • Turn the engine on, let it warm up a little, and see if the heater works
  • Check the temperature change on the dashboard
  • Check the radiator to make sure there is enough coolant
  • Take note if the defrost vents are working after the engine has

There is nothing more annoying during those hot summer months than your air conditioning blowing warm air. There are numerous reasons why your car’s A/C might not be working properly. Check out these five common reasons below.

air conditioning vents in vehicle blowing warm air

1. Leaking Refrigerant

A leak can happen for a wide variety of reasons and can be extremely difficult to detect. A couple reasons your refrigerant might be leaking include a loose joint or a worn service valve. If you suspect you may have a leak, it’s a good idea to contact a professional as soon as possible.

2. Clogged Air Filter

You might have a clogged air filter. This might not be the cause of the problem, but it could definitely be contributing to it. It’s important to ensure your car’s A/C filters are cleaned regularly.

3. Wrong Thermostat Settings

This is the most common cause of air conditioning issues and is fortunately a very easy fix. Double check your thermostat settings and make sure it’s set to “cool” and “auto”.

4. Issues with the

It’s wintertime in the Midwest, which means a lot of snow and ice. In addition to making sure your car’s heat and high beams are up to snuff, you should also check on the defroster. You could be in big trouble if it stops working in the middle of the chilly season!

properly functioning defrost in vehicle

Why is the Defroster So Important?

It’s common sense to crank up the car’s heat when it’s cold outside. However, doing so can create condensation on the windshield, making it difficult to drive safely. When the temperature drops below freezing, a hard layer of ice can also accumulate on the windshield, obscuring your vision.

A functioning defroster eliminates both of these problems. It uses the warm air from the car’s heating system to melt the ice on the windshield. During the winter months, when temperatures can drop to single digits, being able to stay inside your warm car while your car’s defroster clears your windshield is an added luxury.

Some cars also have a rear defroster for the back windshield. While the front defroster