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Check Engine Light and Diagnostic Services

Content reviewed by Eric Riddles, ASE Certified Advanced Engine Performance Specialist

What does it mean if my check engine light appears?

If your check engine light turns on, it is to warn you that you might have a serious problem on your hands. It is likely that your ignition, fuel, or emissions systems are experiencing an issue that needs to be addressed.

When you bring your vehicle into Custom Complete Automotive, we can check the faults and restore it to manufacturer’s specifications. Our diagnosis will help identify what the issue is that you are experiencing and our honest, professional approach will ensure that you don’t pay for parts and services you don’t need.

check engine light

Your check engine light could be an indicator of any of the following problems:
  • Catalyst system efficiency is below threshold
  • Vehicle has insufficient gas recirculation flow
  • Knock sensor circuit malfunction
  • Cylinder misfire
  • System too lean
  • System too rich
  • Problems with the mass airflow sensor
  • Gas cap is loose or damaged
  • Spark plugs or wires need replacing
  • Engine vacuum leak
  • Evaporative emissions leaks
  • Injector circuit problem
  • Major internal provelem such as timing chain slipped
  • Throttle body actuator
  • Your vehicle is experiencing excessive gas consumption / release of air pollutants

Custom Complete Automotive: Your Dealer Alternative for Car Repair

We understand that an illuminated check engine light can be a confusing situation and the terms can become a bit jumbled. Don’t fret, though. After we have identified the problem, we will take the time to thoroughly explain it to you and to advise you about what parts and services are necessary to restore your car’s condition to the level it was before your issues began.

Our services include diagnosing the cause for the check engine light, recommending the necessary repairs, performing the services, and resetting the check engine light. Don’t allow the problem and repair costs to escalate by failing to bring your car to one of our six locations in Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis, Missouri.

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