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Exhaust Installation and Repair Service

Content reviewed by Eric Riddles, ASE Certified Advanced Engine Performance Specialist

When it comes to engine performance, your vehicle’s exhaust system plays a crucial role. Ensuring your exhaust system is in good working order is essential in keeping your engine and vehicle running as efficiently as possible. At Custom Complete Automotive, we are proud to offer top quality, cost-effective exhaust repair and installation services.

A History of Quality Exhaust System Repair in Missouri

Back in 1976, Custom Complete Automotive started out exclusively serving customers’ exhaust system needs. Since then, our locally and family-owned business has grown, providing exceptional service for all aspects of the automobile and quality results to countless vehicle owners over the past several decades. Whether you need a brand-new exhaust installed or just require a repair, our auto shops in Missouri can get the job done. We truly pride ourselves on delivering unmatched repairs, unrivaled prices, and unbeatable customer service!

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Our Exhaust Service and Auto Repair Near You

At our exhaust auto shops located in Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis, MO, our ASE and CCA certified mechanics understand the important role your exhaust system plays in keeping your car and engine running properly and are equipped to provide you with quality exhaust system services.

At our exhaust auto shop near you, we provide the following exhaust system services:
  • Inspection and repair of oxygen sensors and catalytic converter
  • Inspection and repair of exhaust manifolds and gaskets
  • Inspection of mounts, muffler, and exhaust pipe
  • Installation of new exhaust systems and custom mufflers

Signs Your Vehicle is in Need of Exhaust System Service

Your exhaust system is much more important to your vehicle than you may think. Together with your muffler, these components don’t just work to keep your car quiet, but also help ensure that toxic exhaust fumes don’t contaminate your car’s interior. In addition, they help make sure your engine is running correctly, improve fuel efficiency, and even cut back on emissions that can pollute the air. For these reasons, it is important that you never put off exhaust repairs or new installation when necessary!

If your vehicle is displaying any of the following signs, you should see an auto repair expert for a thorough exhaust inspection as soon as possible:
  • Constant vibrating sounds when your car is running
  • Unexplained losses of power
  • Your engine light has turned on
  • Loud, rattling sounds occur when your car is idle
  • Loud rumbling noises coming out of your exhaust pipe
  • Sudden lack of fuel efficiency

When there is an issue with your exhaust system, it can lead to other serious problems for your vehicle if left without repair. From damaging your engine to making your engine work harder, exhaust problems can spell trouble for your entire car. The sooner you take care of your exhaust concerns with the help of a qualified auto repair mechanic, the better!

Let Us Take Care of Your Exhaust and Auto Repair Needs

At Custom Complete Automotive, we care about delivering top quality results. We even offer a price match guarantee! Providing auto repair and installation services in Columbia, St. Louis, Jefferson City, and the surrounding areas, our car repair technicians would be more than happy to help with your exhaust problems. To learn more about our exhaust installation and repair services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations, contact our team today!

Exhaust Installation & Repair
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