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3 Benefits of an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Delete

An exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) delete is an emission control technology that reduces nitrogen emission in diesel engines by recirculating the exhaust through the engine. Keep reading to better understand what an EGR delete is and learn more about the associated benefits.

exhaust gas recirculation egr delete being done to vehicle

What is an EGR Delete?

An EGR delete is a process of removing the emission control technology using a special kit. The kit removes the EGR valve, which pushes the engine to perform without recirculating the exhaust. This prevents soot from building up in the diesel engine when recirculated with other pollutants. The soot build up reduces engine efficiency and may result in costly repairs.

3 Benefits of an EGR Delete 

Now that you understand how an EGR delete works, here are some of the benefits that you can achieve through this process: 

1. Improved Performance 

The EGR system can cause carbon buildup in the intake manifold, which reduces airflow to the engine. Therefore, deleting this system reduces the buildup and improves the airflow to the engine, resulting in better performance. This increases the engine's horsepower, fuel efficiency, and throttle response. 

2. Improved Reliability 

Like any other component in your engine, the EGR system can malfunction and cause engine problems, such as reduced power and rough idle. An EGR delete eliminates these potential problems, which improves the vehicle's reliability. 

3. Guarantees the Longevity of Your Engine

Once carbon builds up in your engine through the EGR, it causes more damage and reduces its lifespan. However, an EGR delete would reduce the carbon buildup output, extend your engine's lifespan, and save future maintenance and repair costs. 

Get Your EGR Delete Service at Custom Complete Automotive 

EGR delete offers several benefits to your vehicle that surpass its intended advantages. These benefits include increased reliability, improved performance, longer engine life, and more. If you're looking for an automotive repair shop to get an EGR delete service in Columbia, St. Louis, or Jefferson City, MO, look no further than Custom Complete Automotive.

Besides offering EGR delete services, our technicians at Custom Complete Automotive offer all sorts of auto and tire services, including engine diagnostics, electrical repair, air conditioning, fuel injection and system service, and more. To learn more about our auto services, contact us today!

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