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Testimonials About Our Auto Repair Shops

5 star rating
Ashlyn Hartford

"I wish I could remember the names of the men that were in that day, but I’ll update when I get them. I just know the owner was there. But anyway, literally the best car establishment I’ve ever been to! Not an exaggeration. The clerk was so extremely kind and helpful and aided the issue on the spot. The owner was also incredibly friendly, and they did an amazing job on my car and making us feel like we were at a family function. Lol, that’s the best way to describe it. Everything was affordable for their top tier work and my car feels like new. Will be returning considering my luck with cars!"

5 star rating

"I was traveling on a Saturday when my AC went out. I called several places trying to find a place to get my AC recharged but all the other locations were not offering the service despite advertising that they offer AC recharging. It was also a Saturday, and many places were closed and over 90 degrees. I was so thankful to find Custom Complete. I was in and out in less than an hour and they were upfront about pricing and process. I highly recommend them!"

5 star rating
Tammy Landon

"Fast, friendly service. I was kept in the loop about the repairs needed and all my questions were answered with no hesitation. I had a great experience. Thank you guys again."

5 star rating
Cassie Apel

"I went to get my oil changed and they also discovered that my battery was leaking and gave two different options to fix my problem. They were great at explaining the repairs and got me in and out fast! Everyone was helpful and friendly!"

5 star rating
Constanthino Mayele

"The guys are just rock stars, they work extra miles to get everyone satisfied on time. i was expecting my job to take more time but was surprised to see my car ready and job completed. Keep it up guys!"

5 star rating
Wes Stricker

"Custom Complete is the BEST! They got my tires instantly, mounted & balanced them perfectly and we were on our way! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Custom Complete!!"

5 star rating
Char M

"Extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind. Honest to a fault. What it had to go to the dealership for they told me. Good mechanics. I’m happy I took my car there. Take yours there too."

5 star rating
Ashley K

"I’ve taken my car here multiple times for different things, the most recent being to check for damage after sliding off an icy road. The service is always great! Steve and Ben are the guys I spoke to during different visits, and they were extremely helpful and kind. They are honest about what is essential and what can wait until later if you’re on a budget. My car runs like brand new and drives smoother than it has in years."

5 star rating
David Hammond

"I was treated with courtesy and respect. My car needed some much-needed exhaust work done and the issue was handled in a timely fashion."

5 star rating
Bret Easterling

"I appreciate and trust a mom-and-pop owned shop like this over any money hungry dealership. They are very professional and often have more options for your car than a typical dealership, without paying dealership labor rates. Tony is an awesome service manager and doesn’t mind working with Extended Warranty companies to get what you need done."

5 star rating
Rhonda Palazzo

"They were very prompt and courteous! They replaced my alternator while we waited in nice, clean air-conditioned lobby. Highly recommend this business!!! My car died while traveling through Columbia. Found out it was alternator, thanks to manager at AutoZone. Called Custom Complete and spoke to Tony. He could not get to it immediately but went above and beyond to call the other locations which could get to us immediately. Joel at this location was very friendly and helpful. The mechanic worked diligently on my Lexus SUV to get the alternator replaced as quickly as possible so we could get back on the road. Thanks to all for excellent service all around!"

5 star rating

"I brought my car in for an exhaust repair. It was by recommendation that I come here and I'm glad I did. They took me in straight away and fixed the issue. I highly recommend Complete Custom Automotive for their wonderful and friendly customer service, fast turnaround time, experience, and value. 5 out of 5 stars!"

5 star rating
Kathleen Watts

"Asa serviced my car. He diagnosed and fixed problems with excellent service. Asa was very knowledgeable and gave me some helpful advice. We are glad to have found a reliable and trustworthy repair shop. 5 stars"

5 star rating
Sharie Drake

"Ah! I ran into this place to get a few things together for my safety and emissions testing (I failed them both) everywhere I called was booked. They were able to get me in and out in a timely manner, able to get everything squared away! Thank you for the wonderful customer service!"

5 star rating
Martin Miller

"They're good people. Straightforward, honest, friendly, and they seem to actually care about their customers. The smiles are genuine, and their work is professional. The greatest compliment I can give is that I trust them with mine and my family's safety. If you want to be comfortable with your vehicle being safe this is the place to take it."

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