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As the colder weather quickly approaches, now is an important time to show your car some TLC. Proper maintenance can improve the performance and safety of your car through the colder months. Here are 7 car maintenance tips to keep in mind this fall season.

car prepared for cold weather due to fall maintenance

1. Check Fluids

As the weather turns cold, the attention turns to guarding your car against freezing up and struggling to start. Make certain your car has adequate anti-freeze and that your engine oil is fresh and is a viscosity that works well in cold weather (5W30 or 10W40). Top off power steering, transmission, and brake fluids as well.

2. Check Your Battery

A weak battery will struggle to start your car when it is cold.

7 Benefits of Synthetic Oil

When it’s time for an oil change, it’s important to understand the different types of oil, why you should choose one over another, and the benefits associated with each.

mechanic using synthetic oil during car oil change

Conventional Oil and Synthetic Oil

The purpose of motor oil is to lubricate your vehicle’s engine, reducing wear and tear, keeping the engine cool, and removing sludge and other waste associated with a running engine.

Motor oil can be divided into two categories: conventional and synthetic. The difference between the two is in the refining process. Conventional oil is produced directly from crude oil with minimal refinement, while synthetic oil is highly refined and often contains additives which are beneficial for your vehicle’s engine.

Conventional Vs. Synthetic: Which is Better?

The additional level

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has worked over the years to enhance the quality of vehicle repair through testing and certification of mechanics. ASE promotes excellence in servicing and repair of automobiles and helps bring peace of mind and security to motor vehicle owners by testing and certifying automotive professionals.

ASE certified mechanic at custom complete automotive servicing vehicle

What ASE Certified Means for Your Vehicle

When shopping around for a mechanic, checking what certifications each mechanic has is essential. The ASE certification has become a standard of excellence and shows the high level of expertise of the automotive professional. It serves as an indication that the automotive professional has undergone proper training, has high levels of professionalism, and is committed to furthering automotive education.

ASE certification matters because

3 Popular Types of Suspension Lift Kits

The world of vehicles and lift kits is growing each year with more options for off-roaders to enhance their ride, add style, and open up more roads to explore. Here are a few of the most common lift kits you’ll see on and off the road to help you decide which one is right for you and your vehicle.

vehicle with lift kit installed driving through rough terrain

1. Spring Over Axle Lift Kits

Spring Over Axle lift kits are used by many off-roaders to increase clearance while maintaining a strong wheel articulation to make sure you always have as much traction as possible. This kind of lift kit is perfect for off-roading adventurers who are looking to traverse rough terrain with varying levels of height, such as crawling rocks.


Upgrades to Restore Pride in Your Ride

Your vehicle is a direct reflection of you in many ways. After all, the average American spends a lot of time in their car – nearly 11 hours a week. Maybe you just got a new vehicle and you’re anxious to put your personal stamp on it, or perhaps your current ride’s looking a little stale and could use a refresh. Switching things up with a lift kit or set of performance tires goes a very long way in making your vehicle feel decidedly like yours, whether you just got it or you two have been together for decades.

jeep with newly installed lift kit and performance tires

Lift Kits

Many people lift their trucks, jeeps, or SUVs strictly for looks, however, there are other reasons for