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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light

It’s easy to ignore the check engine light when it comes on in a vehicle, especially when life is busy. However, to keep your vehicle running at peak performance and avoid any safety issues, it’s important to check for any problems soon after the light appears.

engine warning light on dashboard of vehicle

What the Check Engine Light Means

A check engine light is your vehicle’s way of communicating that something isn’t working right. Modern vehicles have a computer system within them that continually monitors for issues. The check engine light turns on when an issue is detected. The check engine light might come on if the gas cap is loose, for example. It can also indicate something more serious, such as a misfiring engine. A blinking light typically indicates a more

3 Causes of Brake Failure and When to Seek Repair

Next to your engine and transmission, your brakes are the most important part of your vehicle. Brakes failing while on the road can be extremely dangerous and can cause potentially life-threatening accidents. Ensuring your car’s brakes are functioning properly is an important service you shouldn’t ignore.

brake warning light on dashboard of vehicle

Warning Signs of Brake Failure

Your vehicle’s warning light should indicate that your brakes have started to go bad before they entirely fail. Other indications of brake failure include:

  • A grinding sound when you press the pedal down, indicating worn brake disks
  • Having to apply more and more pressure to the brake pedal to come to a stop
  • A vibrating sensation when applying the brakes
  • Your vehicle moving to one side when braking
  • A burning smell
  • A

Car batteries die unexpectedly, making a dead battery a memorable, if not dangerous, event. If you are fortunate, the low battery indicator in your car will flick on before your car’s battery dies, giving you time to drive to a repair shop and have the problem taken care of. While you cannot totally prevent battery failures, there are steps you can take to help avoid the sudden inconvenience of a dead battery and prolong your car’s battery life.

auto technician installing a new car battery into vehicle

Investing in a good battery is good insurance. Your car dealership can recommend the best battery for your car and driving habits. Consumer Reports is also an excellent resource. They test, evaluate, and compare the latest car batteries and are not beholden

If you’ve ever had to wait on the side of the highway for a tow truck, you know how frustrating, not to mention potentially dangerous, that can be. With the use of new car technology, you can help prevent your car from breaking down on the freeway. New technology detects cars around you, and potential threats that could cause accidents. That means you’re less likely to be stranded on the side of the road after a wreck. Now, new technology can alert you to mechanical problems with your car before it breaks down, so you won’t be stranded thanks to mechanical failure either.

person using smartphone app to check car for potential issues and maintenance checks

1. Fixd

Fixd is a standalone software. Almost anyone can get it,

What is Synthetic Blend Oil?

In today’s world, people rely on their cars to deliver them safely from place to place. Ensuring that your vehicle is in good working order is important and keeping up with regular maintenance, such as an oil change, is a major part in keeping your car healthy. There are three primary types of oil, including conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend. Most people have heard of synthetic blend oil but might not be sure of its benefits or how it differs from other types of oil.

synthetic blend oil being poured into oil compartment in vehicle

What is Motor Oil

Motor oil is used to keep a vehicle’s engine cool, clean, and lubricated so all the parts can move together smoothly, with less friction and wear. It is made by mixing a