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Top 5 Causes of Low Oil Pressure

Published on July 05, 2023
One of the most significant metrics in a car engine is oil pressure. When the engine light comes on or the pressure gauge has a lower-than-normal reading, it could mean your vehicle has a serious i...

6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

Published on June 28, 2023
For anyone who owns a car, it's a no-brainer why brakes are one of the most important safety features. They ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and other road users by allowing a car to st...

5 Car Repairs You Shouldn't Do Yourself

Published on June 21, 2023
Today's digital age makes it easy to learn just about anything online and start doing it, including fixing your car. Being your own mechanic, especially for simple things like repairing a dim headl...

Top 3 Benefits of a Radiator Flush

Published on June 14, 2023
Also known as a coolant flush, a radiator flush cleanses your car's cooling system to prevent corrosion in metal engine parts. It removes contaminants such as rust, scale, and debris from your radi...

Brake Rotor Resurfacing vs. Replacement

Published on June 07, 2023
Every time you drive your vehicle, a complex braking system ensures you stop safely. Components of the braking system wear overtime, making regular inspections and maintenance necessary. When your ...

Don't Compromise on Visibility: How to Know When It's Time for New Wiper Blades

Published on May 24, 2023
Your ability to make driving decisions largely depends on what you can see. That's why properly functioning windshield wipers are essential for safe driving, particularly in wet or snowy conditions...

5 Main Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel is Shaking

Published on May 17, 2023
Cars are designed to drive smoothly under normal conditions, especially if they are on a reasonably good road. If your steering wheel shakes, it could be a certain indication that there is an issue...

4 Benefits of Taking Your Car for a Weekly Drive

Published on May 10, 2023
When you work from home, are retired, or reduce your driving time for just doing regular errands, it can be easy to forget about your car. However, vehicles are designed to be moved around to perfo...

The 4 Most Common Types of Distractions While Driving

Published on May 03, 2023
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 3,142 people lost their lives in 2020 from distracted driving. And yet, when we think about distraction, most people focus on t...

4 Signs Your Car Needs Pothole Damage Repair

Published on April 26, 2023
Potholes are an unavoidable part of driving. Winter and spring weather can cause damage to roads, often leading to potholes. Even if you regularly drive over these obnoxious holes and pay little at...

5 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Published on April 19, 2023
According to data from the Department of Transportation, most weather-related car accidents occur on wet pavements (70%) or during rainfall (46%). However, sometimes, we have no choice but to brace...

Top 6 Common Transmission Issues

Published on April 12, 2023
Transmission issues are a common source of worry and financial hardship for vehicle owners everywhere. Keep reading to discover six of the most common transmission issues. 1. Slipping Gears If ...

6 Safety Tips for Night Driving

Published on April 05, 2023
Driving at night often presents more hazards than driving during the day. Thus, being familiar with the regulations and recommended practices for nighttime driving is crucial. Keep reading to disco...

The 3 Tire Repair Methods Every Car Owner Should Know

Published on March 22, 2023
Getting a flat tire on your way to work or school can be a real inconvenience. While occasionally a flat tire will need to be replaced, many times a puncture will simply need to be repaired. Keep r...

4 Things You Should Know About Tire Repair

Published on March 15, 2023
When driving your car, your tires are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. All kinds of things such as nails, stones, broken glass, potholes, or hitting a curb could lead to anything from a small pun...
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