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7 Common Reasons for Car Safety Inspection Failure

Passing your safety inspection is an important part of responsible - and legal - driving. A car that is not safe or efficient to drive becomes a risk to the driver, passengers, and other cars on the road. If your car has recently failed the safety inspection, there are several possible and common reasons why this might be.

mechanic conducting car safety inspection

1. Broken Headlights or Taillights

You need all your lights for safe driving. A broken headlight or taillight means you can't signal or illuminate properly and this will fail the safety inspection.

2. Malfunctioning Catalytic Converter

Your catalytic converter helps to reduce the harmful fumes released by your car's exhaust system. A flawed converter means your car is more harmful to the environment and nearby people and animals.    

3. Brake Issues

There's no question that brakes are an essential part of vehicle safety. Any issue with your brakes should be repaired immediately.

4. Broken Seatbelt

Every seatbelt in the car must work properly. This ensures that every single passenger is safe, just in case you need to brake suddenly, evade an accident, or are hit by another car.

5. Faulty Gas Cap

Your fuel system must be perfectly sealed or it creates a potential fire risk either inside or outside the vehicle. A faulty gas cap is bad news and will cause you to fail the vehicle safety inspection.

6. Clogged Air Filter

Many people don't realize that the internal air filter for your car needs to be changed. It not only keeps your AC air fresh and clean, it's also part of the inspection criteria.

7. Electrical System Issues

Issues with your electrical system aren't just annoying, they are also potentially dangerous and should be promptly fixed to pass your car inspection.

Get Your Car Inspection-Ready with Custom Complete Automotive

If your vehicle didn't pass a recent safety inspection, don't worry. You can get the appropriate repair services from Custom Complete Automotive to pass your inspection with minimal delays. To learn more about our auto repair services, contact us today!

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