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Tire Replacement Services Offered at Our Tire Stores

Tires wear out over time. Sometimes, our driving habits can make them wear out faster such as braking too forcefully, accelerating too quickly, driving fast, skipping regular tire rotations and alignments, and even having the wrong tire pressure. All of these factors and more can contribute to tires wearing out early.

While you can extend the life of your tires by taking the right measures such as keeping up with routine tire maintenance, the time will come when you need to have your tires replaced. At our auto repair and tire stores in Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis, MO, we provide quality, affordable tire replacement services to keep your vehicle safe to drive and performing at its best.

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Identifying Tire Problems

To identify tire problems early on, before they evolve and become more serious issues later down the road, it is crucial to know what to look for.

  • First, look at each tire carefully. How does the tread look? Is it uneven? Uneven tire wear may be caused by suspension or steering issues or poor wheel alignment. It may also be caused by too much or too little air in the tires.

  • Second, listen to your car. Do you hear abnormal or louder noises coming from your wheel well? If the roads sound louder, your tire may be experiencing uneven wear.

  • Third, feel the differences. Are you noticing a rougher ride or vibrations in your steering wheel when driving? Even just the start of a new tire issue often causes a completely different feel to your driving.

More than likely, you will be able to identify the major issues that signal that it is time to invest in new tires. Over time, these major issues can lead to a tire blowout—one of the most serious tire troubles. If you have ever experienced a tire blowout, then you know how scary it can be, as drivers can often lose control of their vehicle in those moments afterward.

When Should You Have Your Tires Replaced

If you notice any of the following tire issues, we recommend bringing in your vehicle to a tire shop near you for tire replacement services:

  • Worn out tire tread. To test this, perform the penny test. Place a penny, head-first, in one of the top grooves at the top of the tire. If the tread does not cover Lincoln’s head, it may be time to replace your tires.

  • Uneven Tire Wear

  • Abnormal Noises Coming from The Wheel Well

  • Steering Wheel Vibrations

  • Tread Pulling Off of the Tire

  • Nails, Glass, and Other Sharp Objects Are Sticking Out of the Tire

  • Cracks or Bulges in the Tire Sidewalls

Our Tire Replacement Services

At our tire shops located in Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis, MO, our certified mechanics know the importance of replacing worn tires and will ensure your car receives new, quality tires to keep you safe on the road.

Our tire replacement services include the following:

  • Removal and Dismounting of Tire and Wheel

  • New Tire Remounting

  • Tire Balancing

Along with our tire replacement services, each of our tire stores in Missouri also sell name brand tires to ensure you receive the very best! To discover what brand name tires we carry at our tire shops in Columbia, Jefferson City, and St. Louis, MO, check out our Name Brand Tires page.

Common Questions About Tire Replacement

How do I know if it’s time to replace my tires?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend replacing your tires every six years or 40,000 miles. However, if you start to notice issues such as uneven tire wear, worn out tread, steering wheel vibrations, or cracks in your tire sidewalls, we suggest replacing your tires sooner rather than later.

Isn’t it more cost effective to repair my existing tires instead of replacing the tires?

While it is typically cheaper initially to repair existing tires, this is not always the best or safest option and could actually cost you more money in repairs down the road. To ensure your safety, avoid expensive repairs, and keep your car performing at its best, we recommend replacing worn or damaged tires.

When’s the best time of year to replace your tires?

To ensure your safety, it is best to replace your tires as soon as you notice any issues. It is also a good idea to carefully inspect your tires throughout the year, especially before the winter season, to ensure your tires are prepared for any inclement weather. To learn what tire deals our tire shop is currently offering, contact us today!

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Contact Our Tire Store Near You for Tire Replacement Services

At Custom Complete Automotive, we know how important your car is to you — it is an integral part of your daily life. With our tire repair and replacement services, we stive to help preserve and extend the life of your tires and vehicle. To learn more about our tire repair and replacement services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our tire shops near you, don’t hesitate to contact our team today!

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