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Types of Tires Offered at Our Tire Stores

Trusted Auto Repair Services in Columbia, MO

At Custom Complete Automotive, we are versatile in everything regarding tires. From tire and wheel removal and dismounting to puncture repair diagnosis, repairs, remounting and setting the tire pressure to your vehicle’s specification.

Even if you need new tires, our auto mechanics can determine the appropriate tires for your vehicle. Our tire services also includes repairs, balancing and alignment.

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Various Tires and Their Purposes

There are a variety of tires designed for multiple weather conditions and driving purposes. While some tires offer excellent control and traction during the summer months, they do not offer the best results for winter or off-road conditions. High-performance and sport-performance tires for sedans and coupes aren’t compatible with cars, trucks and SUVs.

The following are the main types of tires and their specific purposes. Click on any type of tire to learn more.
  • All Season Tires

    Standard for typically most cars sold in the United States because of their dependability, these tires are suitable for any condition. However, all season tires are recommended for drivers who have to deal with snow during the winter months.

  • All Terrain Tires

    Typically used on trucks and SUVs, these tires possess added grip and open-tread style of an off-road tire, while having traction and road handling capabilities of a road tire. They can be used on various road conditions.

  • High Performance Tires

    They have aggressive styling in order to enhance the appearance of sports coupes, sedans and trucks. These tires possess soft rubber specifically designed for improved traction and cornering capabilities.

  • Mud-Terrain Tires

    These tires provide exceptional handling on muddy, dirty and snowy surfaces. They are only meant of for off-road driving and can create a lot of road noise.

  • Winter Tires

    Also known as snow tires, they feature a large amount of grooves which help the tread bite through the snow. These tires are made of soft rubber which won’t harden during dropping temperatures, giving them a remarkable grip on the road.

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40+ Years of Experience in Our Tire Shops

Since tires are the only part of your vehicle which contacts the road, they are remarkably vital and require care by experts. Our team is comprised of highly skilled, ASE, CCA certified technicians who are qualified to get the job done properly the first time. Contact Custom Complete Automotive today to request an appointment.

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