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4 Black Ice Driving Safety Tips

Winter driving involves more than just dealing with snow. The real threat is the ice covering the road. Black ice, particularly, could lead to a severe accident due to its deceiving look. Keep reading as we outline some crucial tips to help keep you safe when driving on an icy road. 

black ice on road

What Is Black Ice? 

Often referred to as clear ice, black ice is a slim coating of glaze ice on the road. Despite the name, it is entirely transparent and allows you to see the road without knowing about its slippery condition. Furthermore, for black ice to develop, the temperatures don't necessarily have to be below freezing point. The ice could form during daylight when the temperatures are just a few degrees below or above the freezing point. 

Black Ice Driving Safety Tips

Below are a few practical tips that can ensure you drive safely on black ice this winter season: 

  • Know where and when to expect black ice. Monitor weather updates in your area and highway reports to know about the areas that are more likely to have black ice. Be extra careful as well when passing beneath overpasses or areas without too much sunshine.  
  • Don't tailgate. Ensure that you keep a distance from other drivers to ensure that you don't rear-end them in case of a slippery surface. 
  • Keep your windshield clear. You have to see the road ahead clearly. The best way to ensure this is to eliminate any snow, ice, dirt, or other debris on your windshield. To do this, use an ice scraper to avoid ruining your windshield wipers. 
  • Turn headlights on early in the afternoon. This ensures you can clearly differentiate between sheen and black ice and can avoid potentially slippery zones. 
  • Don't speed. Driving slowly during icy conditions ensures that you retain maximum control over your vehicle, even if it starts skidding. 

Driving on black ice is dangerous, but when you can't avoid it, you have to take maximum caution to keep yourself and others on the road safe. Focus on the areas that have traction and stay calm when the vehicle starts skidding. If you can't avoid an accident, steer into things that result in the least damage possible.

Maintain Traction With Our Tire Services

Ensuring your tires are in good condition can help ensure you maintain traction this winter and avoid icy accidents. At Custom Complete Automotive, we offer quality tire services to help you stay safe on the road. To learn more about our tire services, contact us today!

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