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5 Things to Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents, even minor ones, can be scary. Whether minor or major, a car accident can leave us in shock, unsure of what to do. However, it's important to have a firm handle on what steps to take in the aftermath of a car crash, as our health, safety, and finances are in the balance.

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Steps to Take After an Accident

  1. Move the car out of the path of oncoming traffic, then bring it to a complete stop. If the car is visibly on fire, immediately get yourself and your passengers to safety. If not, but you or your passengers are hurt, hit your four ways and carefully exit the car.
  2. Call 911 and wait for the police and emergency services to arrive.
  3. Survey the scene. Remember what exactly happened and document it with your phone. Take pictures and notes that detail everything. If there are witnesses, ask them what they saw and if they'd be willing to share their contact information with you.
  4. Limit your interactions with the other driver(s) involved in the accident. Help them get to safety, get them medical treatment if necessary, and exchange your names and insurance information. If the other party appears hostile, wait until the police have arrived and let officers gather that information as they prepare to file the official police report. Otherwise, avoid speaking to the other party. Even the most harmless-seeming comment you make may be used to show that you were at least partially responsible for the accident.
  5. If your car suffered severe damage, contact your insurance or AAA to try to get a tow. As you wait, take pictures of your car damage for your eventual claim (and any potential legal action).

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