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6 Signs You Need a Power Steering Pump Replacement

A power steering pump reduces the effort required to steer your car. It enhances your control over the car for a smooth ride. Without it, you would require more effort to turn and control the car. A broken steering and suspension system also increases the risk of accidents since you may not have control of the vehicle. 

Identifying when your power steering pump has trouble or requires a replacement saves you expensive and unexpected repair costs and prevents dangerous driving. Discover these signs that your power steering pump needs a replacement.

power steering pump being replaced at auto repair shop

Signs that You Need a Power Steering Pump Replacement

When you notice the following signs, it may be time to replace your power steering pump to enhance your driving experience.

1. Squealing Sound When Starting the Car

A squealing sound when starting the car is the first sign of a faulty power steering pump. However, a loose or worn accessory belt may also cause the sound. You can replace the accessory belt and check whether the squealing stops. Get a power steering pump replacement when squealing persists.

2. Groaning Noises When Turning

A groaning sound every time you turn the steering wheel means the system is faulty and needs a repair or replacement.

3. Steering Wheel Slow Response

A power steering pump enhances the efficiency and responsiveness of the steering wheel. You need a replacement of the pump when the steering wheel becomes unresponsive. 

4. A Stiff Steering Wheel

A faulty pump makes the steering wheel difficult to turn. You need a pump replacement to reduce the stiffness.

5. Power Steering Fluid Running Low

If your power steering fluid is always low, it might be time for a power steering pump replacement.

6. Power Steering Fluid is Grey 

The power steering fluid is red. When the color changes from red to grey, the system requires a professional checkup.

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