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5 Main Reasons Why Your Steering Wheel is Shaking

Cars are designed to drive smoothly under normal conditions, especially if they are on a reasonably good road. If your steering wheel shakes, it could be a certain indication that there is an issue with your car. Keep reading to discover a few of the reasons why your steering wheel is shaking.

steady steering wheel in vehicle

1. Wheels Are Out of Balance

Balanced car tires are designed to rotate at a consistent speed. However, factors like seasonal changes, bad road conditions, and erratic driving patterns can cause wheels to become unbalanced. This can affect your axle and cause your steering wheel to shake.

2. Warped Rotors

Although regular brake service is vital to driving, even a properly maintained brake system is susceptible to warped rotors. Situations necessitating emergency stops can cause the brake rotors to form high and low spots, affecting your brakes and steering wheel.

3. Lug Nuts Not Properly Tightened

It is essential to note that ball joints and rubber bushings hold together your car's control arms and several linkages. If these nuts and bolts are not properly tightened, they can cause abnormal tire wear and steering wheel shaking.

4. Alignment Issues

Driving too rapidly over railroads or bumps can cause your car's wheels to become misaligned. In most cases, misaligned wheels can result in the steering wheel shaking.

5. Failed Wheel Bearing

If you have a habit of bouncing the right front tire of your vehicle whenever you do a U-turn, your wheel bearing is likely to fail. Bad bearing friction may cause your steering wheel to shake. Most of the time, you will notice that the shaking happens only when you turn the wheel.

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