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Why Oxygen Sensors are Important for Engine Performance

Everyone knows just how important it is to maintain your car. Regular maintenance is essential; however, many people may not understand the oxygen sensors and their role in the performance of the engine. Keep reading as we discuss just what oxygen sensors are and why they are vital for the overall health of your vehicle.

close up of oxygen sensor in vehicle

Why Oxygen Sensors Matter for Your Engine Performance 

Oxygen sensors monitor the oxygen levels in the exhaust gases, providing feedback to the engine control unit for optimal fuel control. When oxygen sensors are functioning properly, they will help ensure that your engine performance is properly maintained. A few of the issues that oxygen sensors help prevent include the following: 

  • Misfirings 
  • Rough idling
  • Decreased power output

These sensors help the engine to provide a smooth and responsive performance when called upon by the driver. That is ideal because it avoids the potential issue of the engine in a vehicle getting less than optimal performance. 

Oxygen Sensors Reduce Emissions 

Our world is more environmentally aware than ever before. In some jurisdictions, it is necessary to meet certain emissions standards for a vehicle to be permitted on the road at all. This is why is nice to know that properly functioning oxygen sensors help to reduce the emissions that one's vehicle puts out. 

These sensors can help a driver to meet the high standards set by many jurisdictions, and it can make the driver feel better about operating their vehicle. 

Signs of a Faulty Oxygen Sensor 

There are certain signs to be aware of when it comes to the potential for a faulty oxygen sensor. A few of the signs to be aware of when looking at the possible signs of a faulty oxygen sensor include the following: 

  • Illuminate Check Engine Light 
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency 
  • Stalling or Rough Idling 

Any of these issues can be the start of a bigger problem with your oxygen sensor. At Custom Complete Automotive, we understand the vital role oxygen sensors play and offer quality exhaust repair services. To learn more about our exhaust repair services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Missouri, contact us today!

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