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7 Signs of a Hanging Brake Caliper

Brake calipers are vital to a vehicle's braking system, facilitating effective and reliable stopping power. If you have a hanging or a sticking brake caliper, you will notice that the brake pad fails to disengage from contact with the brake rotor surface fully. Progressively, this exerts pressure on each side of the rotor, causing a failure on one or more components of your braking system. Continue reading to discover a few of the signs that could signify a fault with your brake calipers.

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Signs of a Hanging Brake Caliper

There are many signs that could signify a hanging brake caliper or other brake caliper issues. Seven of these signs include:

  1. Abnormal Sounds: You may notice strange sounds while driving, for example, grinding and scraping noises.
  2. Smoke: As a brake hangs, an excessive amount of heat is produced. In worst-case scenarios, this heat may rise to considerable levels, causing smoke to emanate from your wheels.
  3. Burning Smell: Excessive friction and rapid wear and tear can cause a burning brake odor, which is easily noticeable from a distance.
  4. Veering to One Side: At times, you may notice your vehicle pulling to one side while driving due to a hanging brake caliper.
  5. Loss of Brake Fluid: Loss of brake fluid could cause your brakes to hang, hindering your vehicle's braking ability.
  6. Squealing Sound: Hanging brake calipers could be causing the metallic sound emanating from specific areas of your vehicle.
  7. Uneven Brake Pad Wear: Faulty calipers may cause uneven brake pad wear, impacting performance.

Causes of a Hanging Brake Caliper

Several factors can cause hanging brake calipers, such as:

  • Moisture buildup over time within the brake caliper assembly causing restricted movement and hanging.
  • Wearing out of components can make them lose their lubrication properties and become stuck due to friction.
  • Buildup of dust and debris in the caliper assembly.
  • Deterioration of seals over time.

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Addressing hanging brake calipers is vital for facilitating optimum vehicle performance, safety, and general longevity of important components such as rotors and brake pads. At Custom Complete Automotive, you can trust us to care for your car. To learn more about our brake repair services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our auto repair shops in Missouri, contact us today!

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