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3 Reasons Why Your Car’s Tire Pressure Warning Light is On

The dashboard of your car offers a lot of information about the running capability of your vehicle. When a light suddenly flashes on and off, you might feel a moment of uncertainty. What does it mean? Do you need to pull over immediately? One light that may flash on and off or turn on and stay on is the tire pressure warning light. Keep reading to check out a few common reasons why your tire pressure warning light might be on.

tire pressure warning light on in car

Common Meanings of Your Tire Pressure Warning Light

When your tire pressure warning light begins to signal an issue with your tires, it’s important to know what it means in order to take the necessary action. A few common meaning of your tire pressure warning light include:

1. Lights Up While Driving

If the tire pressure warning light lights up while you’re driving, this signifies that at least one of your tires has low air pressure or that a tire is going flat. This could be due to cold weather, a slow leak, or recent damage to one of your tires. It's a good idea to stop and check your tires for low pressure or any punctures.

2. Light Flashes On and Off

If you notice your tire pressure warning light flashing on and off, this could be an indication that the air pressure is fluctuating in at least one of your tires. This can occur often in the Midwest with frequent fluctuating temperatures and could also occur when you drive at high speeds for a long period of time, as this heats the tires and affects the tires’ air pressure.

3. Light Flashes and Then Stays Lit

If your tire pressure warning light flashes and then stays on, even after you’ve identified and resolved the issue, there could be a problem with your tire pressure monitoring system. It’s important to have this checked out by a professional, as this could be dangerous as your tire pressure monitoring system will no longer notify you when your tire pressure lowers or fluctuates.

Keep Your Tires in Good Shape at Custom Complete Automotive

When your tire pressure warning light lights up, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. You might have a slow leak that needs a patch or need to take a break from driving on a long trip. This warning light can help you avoid a flat tire on the side of the road and can also help you keep your tires at the correct pressure level, saving you money on gas usage. At Custom Complete Automotive, we offer a full range of tire services from adding air and patching tires to repairing your tire pressure monitoring system and installing new tires on your car. To learn more about our tire services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Missouri, contact us today!

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