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3 Signs of a Failing Mirror Control Switch

One important part of your car you may not think about often are your side mirrors. When properly adjusted, your car’s side mirrors help you back out of parking spaces, parallel park, and switch lanes. A failing mirror control switch can be a real inconvenience and can sometimes create unsafe conditions if your side mirrors move out of place while you’re driving. If you suspect you have a broken or failing mirror control switch, it’s important to have it inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Keep reading to discover signs your mirror control switch is in need of maintenance.

car side mirror adjusted properly due to working mirror control switch

Common Symptoms of a Failing Switch

Here is what to look out for if you think your side mirror switch is failing:

  1. Your mirrors might adjust up or down, but not left to right (or the other way around).
  2. Your mirrors do not adjust at all.
  3. Your mirrors can be adjusted from the driver's switch, but not via the passenger side.

The bottom line is, if you cannot move your side mirrors with the push of a switch, then something is not working correctly.

Next Steps

If you notice your mirror control switch isn’t working, you can first check if it’s a temporary issue by getting your car out of inclement weather. For example, if you park outside and the weather drops below freezing, you might find that certain features of your car lock up and don't work well. These types of problems could resolve themselves if you park your car in a garage for a short time period and let everything warm up and dry out. However, if your mirror control switch is still not working properly after your car has warmed up, it’s probably time to call a professional.

Contact Custom Complete Automotive

If you have a faulty mirror control switch, our certified technicians at Custom Complete Automotive can help. With our electrical repair services, we can have your mirror control switch functioning properly in no time. To learn more about our auto services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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