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3 Signs Your Car's Power Seat Switch is Failing

One of your car's most crucial components for comfort is the power seat switch, which helps you adjust your car seat for a comfortable (and safe) driving posture. Should the power seat switch fail, it will be almost impossible for you to adjust your seat. Luckily, these switches fail gradually, and you'll see clear signs days or even weeks before they fail. Check out these three signs of a failing power seat switch.

power seat switch repaired to move seats in car

1. Your Seat Does Not Move at All

A typical power seat switch is connected to a motor under the seat. When you press the switch, it sends signals to the motor, which moves the seat forward or backward. If you press the power seat switch and the seat doesn't move, then the switch may be faulty. The fault could be the result of a severed wire in the switch or a dead fuse. Either way, you should take your car to a certified technician to have the switch examined and repaired.

2. Your Seat Moves Unusually Slowly

If you press the power seat switch and the seat moves slower than usual, then the switch is most likely failing. Chances are the switch has an issue with its wiring and is not receiving enough voltage. Have the power seat switch examined by a professional before complete failure.

3. Your Seat Moves but Suddenly Stops When Holding the Power Seat Switch

Your car seat could also be moving as usual when you press the power seat switch but stop suddenly with the switch still depressed. Such behavior also means that your power seat switch is failing and needs to be examined by a professional. Like any other electrical component, your power seat switch has no defined lifetime, but can wear from frequent use. As such, you're likely to identify a failing power seat switch in your car way before it completely stalls.

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