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4 Car Battery Myths Debunked

Cars need batteries to function well, but there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about car batteries. It is best to learn about the most common misconceptions to avoid getting inconvenienced or worried by things that are not true. Read on to learn about these myths and why you should stop believing them.

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Myth 1: I haven't used my car much, so the battery is fine.

Over time, even without use of the car, batteries lose charge because of their electrochemical nature. If you have not been using your car for a while, a mechanic can check it to determine the battery's condition. At Custom Complete Automotive, we offer electrical repair services and can inspect your auto battery to ensure it is in good condition.

Myth 2: Letting my car idle or driving a short distance will recharge the battery.

Starting and driving a car drains the battery. So, even if you drive the car for a short while, it is unlikely that the battery will recharge significantly. Instead, you need to drive your car for longer distances to recharge the battery.

Myth 3: Batteries discharge faster in the winter.

On the contrary, car batteries discharge faster in summer because of the high temperatures. Many people believe batteries discharge faster in the winter, because it is hard to start a car engine when the temperatures are cold due to the cold engine oil. However, you should seek help from Custom Complete Automotive if you can't start your car engine due to cold (or hot) weather.

Myth 4: The heavier the battery, the better its quality.

Heavier batteries are often good quality, but this isn't always the case. Some batteries are heavy but still of poor quality, because they contain concrete. It is best to seek help from a professional such as Custom Complete Automotive to help you get a quality battery for your car.

Trust Custom Complete Automotive Expert Mechanics with Your Battery

Myths can mislead you into making wrong choices that could affect your car in the long run. Want more guidance on car battery issues and other electrical repair services? To learn more about our electrical repair services, contact us at Custom Complete Automotive today!

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