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4 Common Causes of Poor Wheel Alignment

To ensure maximum car performance and control, proper wheel alignment is essential. Improperly aligned wheels can cause your tires to wear out unevenly and rapidly, as well as lead to steering and handling difficulties. Keep reading to discover four common causes of poor wheel alignment.

vehicle with properly aligned wheels

1. Sudden Disturbance

Poor road conditions can significantly affect your wheel alignment. Sudden disturbances such as hitting a pothole, hitting a curb, or driving too fast over a speed bump can cause your wheels to become misaligned. Even if no visible damage has occurred, it is still important to have your car’s suspension and wheel alignment inspected by an auto repair professional after a sudden road disturbance.

2. Car Modifications

When car modifications such as lifting a vehicle or installing performance tires are completed to increase the overall vehicle efficiency and performance, other core components must also be modified or changed. When modifying your vehicle, it is important to also adjust the suspension or you risk misaligning your wheels.

3. Worn Suspension

Over time, or after driving on poor road conditions, your vehicle’s suspension components such as the struts or shocks will wear out or loosen. This inhibits your vehicle’s stability and can lead to poor wheel alignment.

4. Getting into an Accident

Getting into an accident can also cause wheel alignment issues. Even if you do not notice any immediate issues after an accident, it is likely that parts have shifted and your vehicle could be misaligned. Be sure to have your alignment checked any time your car has been impacted or hit by another car.

Keep Your Wheels Aligned at Custom Complete Automotive

Keeping your wheels properly aligned not only keeps you safe on the road, but also increases the lifespan of your tires and improves fuel economy. At Custom Complete Automotive, our goal is to ensure your car performs at its absolute best. To learn more about our wheel alignment services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Missouri, contact our team today!

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