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4 Common Reasons Why Your Airbag Light is On

When your vehicle has an issue, or if you activate a feature, its electrical system creates a signal that is displayed on the dashboard. An airbag light usually occurs when the supplemental restraint system (SRS) or the system that activates your airbag has an issue. Below are some of the main SRS issues that may light up the airbag light.

airbag light on on dashboard

1. Depleted Car Battery

Your primary car battery charges the backup battery that powers the airbags. This means that if the main battery has no charge, there is a possibility that the airbag battery also has depleted its power. This can be fixed by charging the main battery, and if not, the backup battery should be charged separately or replaced if faulty.

2. Worn Out Airbag Clock Spring

The clock spring is located at the steering wheel. It consists of a flat-ribbon spiral cable that allows electronic components in the steering wheel to communicate with the vehicle when driving. In case of an accident, the clock spring sends signals to the airbag in the steering wheel.

With time, the ribbon of wires in the clock spring becomes worn out due to the constant movement of the steering wheel. One of the main signs of a worn-out clock spring is an airbag light on the dashboard.

3. Wet Airbag Module

If your vehicle has experienced floodwater damage, there is a chance that your airbag module has been affected. It is important to replace the airbag control module to ensure the airbag system performs well and the airbag light turns off.

4. Sensor Issues

Vehicles have numerous sensors that monitor different things in a car and alert the driver or Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of any potential issues. Faulty sensors may send wrong signals, which include problems with the SRS airbag control module.

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