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4 Debunked Myths Regarding Winter Car Maintenance

While maintaining your vehicle during the cold weather, it is important to understand and dispel some prevalent myths about winter car maintenance. Keep reading to discover these top four winter automobile maintenance myths you should stop believing today.

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Myth 1: Lowering Tire Pressure Will Help with Traction

You should never reduce your tire pressure to gain more grip on snow or ice. Lowering your tire pressure puts your tires at greater risk of extreme wear and tear and possibly a blowout. For increased traction during the winter, we suggest switching your tires between seasons and opting for winter tires throughout the cold weather months.

Myth 2: Pouring Hot Water on Your Windshield Will Help Remove Ice

When you use hot water to melt the ice on your car's windshield, sudden temperature swings could cause the glass to break or crack. It can also harm paintwork by removing protective wax and leaving a white watermark stain.

Myth 3: Adding Anti-Freeze to Brake Fluid Can Prevent Brake Lines from Freezing

You don’t need to add antifreeze to your brake fluid to prevent your brake lines from freezing. In fact, if you mix antifreeze with brake fluid, you risk having a complete braking failure. Adding antifreeze to your brake lines can cause the entire brake system to fail and may even require replacement.

Myth 4: Disconnecting Your Car Battery Conserves Power

Disconnecting the battery in most modern cars could cause more harm than good. It can create problems with starting and driving and a variety of other issues, such as a loss of air conditioning, power accessory functions (door windows, seats, sunroof), misleading warning lights, and even damage to specific electronic modules.

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The appropriate automotive repair is essential to keeping your car in good working order during the harsh winter. At Custom Complete Automotive, we have a highly skilled team of ASE and CCA-certified technicians who provide auto repair services for every make and model at affordable prices. To learn more about our auto repair services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient Missouri locations, contact us today!

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