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4 Reasons Why Your Car Jerks While Accelerating

Keeping your car moving at a consistent speed is a must when it comes to preventing accidents, and having a difficult time controlling your vehicle is a sure sign that something needs to be fixed. Keep reading to discover some of the most likely culprits if you notice that your car is suddenly jerking while accelerating.

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1. Dirty Fuel Injectors or Air Filters

Clean vehicles function better than those that have built up enough dirt and grime to keep them from moving properly. Dirty fuel injectors, air filters, and other parts can lead to power issues or cause your car to accelerate too slowly or too quickly. Fortunately, many of these parts are relatively easy to clean or replace.

2. Worn Out Spark Plugs

Old or damaged spark plugs may no longer be capable of igniting fuel as quickly as they need to, which can lead to lags when you are trying to get going. Luckily, spark plugs also tend to be easy and inexpensive to replace.

3. Damaged Acceleration Cables or Gas Cables

Getting the signal to accelerate from your gas pedal to your engine involves several cables that need to function properly. Any damage to these cables may set off a chain reaction that keeps the entire system from working smoothly.

4. Damaged Gas Lines

Gas lines play an essential role in moving the right amount of gas throughout your engine at the right speed. Dented, broken, or otherwise damaged gas lines can disrupt the flow of gas and cause too much pressure to build up, which can cause your car to move more quickly than you expect it to.

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