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4 Reasons Why Your Car Shuts Off While Driving

There is nothing more frustrating than your car shutting off while you're driving down the road. Beyond frustrating, it can place you in danger. As a first step, it is important to find out why the car shut off and make the necessary repairs. Keep reading to take a look at the four most common reasons your car shuts off while driving.

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1. Igniting System Problems

To receive the needed power to run smoothly, the engine in your car relies on the ignition system. If there's a faulty part or needed repairs, your car's engine doesn't get the power it needs to continue running and will shut off.

2. Fuel Delivery Issues

Cars need fuel to run, whether it's gasoline or diesel. The fuel delivery system moves the fuel from the tank to the engine and adds it as needed to keep the car running. If one of these moving parts fails, your car's engine fails and shuts down the car.

3. Charging System and Battery Problems

The alternator and the battery are the two main power systems in your vehicle. The battery starts the car and hands off the power that needs to run to the alternator. The alternator keeps the battery charged and supplies the power to the other electrical systems. When your alternator fails, your car stops.

4. Internal Engine Failure

Engines fail for a variety of reasons, from a lack of oil to throwing a rod. Your car can not run without a working engine. If the engine fails and shuts off while you're driving, the entire car will come to a stop.

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