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4 Reasons Your Car’s Door Locks Are Not Working

Jammed or locked car doors are common issues that warrant unexpected repairs. There are several reasons your car’s door locks stop working and understanding the root of the problem can help quickly resolve the issue. Check out four reasons your car’s door locks might not be working properly.

door locks working properly due to proper repair

1. Key Fob Issues

Key fobs have installed transmitters that work within a short-range. When you press the button on the fob, radio wave signals are sent to your car. These signals enable the opening and closing of your car doors. Key fobs contain batteries, which are prone to wearing out after a certain period of time. If the battery dies, the fob chip loses power and will not open or close your car doors. To avoid such frustrations, ensure you are stocked with spare batteries or a backup key. Another major issue in the key fob is misaligned buttons and broken contacts. You can open the key fob to check if it has any issues.

2. Door Lock Actuator Issues

The actuator is responsible for locking and unlocking your car doors. If the actuator is broken, it prevents signals from reaching the car door, causing locking and unlocking issues. You can ask an automotive specialist to investigate if the actuator is working correctly.

3. Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring in the car door system can lead the door controls to malfunction. Insulation wears are the primary cause of faulty wiring. By taking your car to a shop, automotive technicians can install a new wiring system to ensure your car doors are working properly.

4. Blown Fuse

A fuse is useful in overcurrent protection in a vehicle. The fuse ensures the amount of electrical energy that reaches the door lock is manageable. A blown fuse prevents power transfer to the actuator, thus disabling the lock system.

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