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4 Signs of a Failing ABS Control Module

An ABS, or anti-lock brake system, works to protect you. If your wheels were to lock when brakes were applied while you were driving, you could easily lose control of the vehicle. An ABS uses pressure modulation to effectively brake without locking your wheels.

ABS light on signaling maintenance is required

Why is ABS Important?

An ABS is important to help your car run properly. Anytime you brake, you put pressure on your vehicle. A good ABS relieves pressure and helps your vehicle to function at its best performance. When you press on your brakes, the ABS employs anti-slip control. It tells your tires to transition from their standard rolling range into the brake slip range. As your tires go through this process, the ABS works to ensure that they stay in the optimal range at all times, regardless of how much braking force you apply. This keeps your tires rolling, and most importantly, you in control of the car. Your ABS works to keep you safe when you brake!

Signs of a Failing ABS Control Module

Since your ABS control module is so important for both your safety and your vehicle's performance, it’s essential that is runs well. Check for these signs of a failing ABS.

  1. Unresponsive brake pedal. When you hit the brakes, does your car slow down? If it does not, your ABS is not functioning properly. If this happens, come to a stop as safely as possible and call your nearest automotive expert.
  2. Applying more force to achieve the same level of braking. If you drive every day, you may not notice if you have to apply more force to your brakes, as this is often a gradual progression. Inspect your car regularly and pay attention to how your brakes respond.
  3. Your ABS warning light turns on. This is a red flag that your ABS system is not functioning correctly. If you see the ABS light illuminated, contact your nearest automotive expert.
  4. Your brakes are locking. If your brakes lock, you are in danger of losing control of your vehicle and your ABS is in need of repair. Contact a professional as soon as possible.

If you notice any of these signs, contact us at Custom Complete Automotive today for assistance. Our experts are ready to help you get your ABS system back in shape and you back on the road as quickly as possible!

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