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4 Signs Your Car’s Heating System Needs a Repair

Getting ready for work or school in the morning is already so hard in the winter months. Having a malfunctioning car heating system only makes it worse! If your heating system isn't working properly, now's the time to have it repaired before the temperatures drop even lower.

hot air blowing from car vents after heating system was repaired

Why is a Heating System Important?

In addition to making your commute more comfortable, your car's heater is also important to the car's motor. It's harder for gas to evaporate as the temperature decreases. If your heating system is not working, the fuel combustion system won't be able to run as efficiently. This is especially true for older cars with carbureted engines. If your car is newer, you could technically drive it unheated without an immediate problem, but you're putting more strain on the engine over time.

Does Your Car’s Heating System Need a Repair?

There may be a problem with your car's heating system if you're experiencing any of the following:

  1. A musty smell. If you start to smell something humid in the cabin, it means the coolant is leaking from somewhere. You can double-check this by looking around your car for a spill.
  2. Steam from the engine compartment. If your car is smoking from under the hood, it could be because of a coolant leak. Depending on the amount of steam, you could run the risk of your engine overheating if you don't have the car properly serviced.
  3. Foggy windshield. If your windshield becomes covered with condensation while driving, using the defroster would normally fix this issue. However, the defroster needs coolant, so it won’t function properly if there's a leak.
  4. No heat. Obviously, if you're only getting cold air out of your vents, there's a good chance your heater needs to be fixed! This could either be due to a hole in the heater core or a broken motor.

If you suspect that your car’s heating system is damaged, it’s a good idea to have it looked at sooner rather than later to avoid higher repair costs. At Custom Complete Automotive, we strive to keep your car in tip top shape and keep your ride as comfortable as possible during these cold winter months. For more information about our services, contact us today!

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