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4 Signs Your Exhaust System Needs a Repair

Although the exhaust system performs one of the hardest tasks in an automobile, it tends to be a commonly forgotten part. Many drivers fail to notice the signs that the system needs maintenance.

view of exhaust pipe on vehicle

1. Burning Smell from The Engine Section

A burning smell arises once the heat from exhaust gases cause various parts of the engine to burn. It mainly occurs once the gasket fails and begins to leak. Since the engine wiring is plastic in nature, they will burn when they get into contact with the hot gases. In some instances, smoke may appear, but should you sense any burning smell make a visit to your mechanic to have the exhaust system checked.

2. Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Once the exhaust system of the car fails, the functionality of the engine is greatly affected. Power and acceleration performance tend to become the most affected of the engine. It therefore implies that the fuel won't be as well utilized as it should be, as your car is using more fuel to perform easy tasks. Once you realize that you’re spending more money on gas without any change of routine, it’s a good time to get your exhaust system checked.

3. Noisy Engine

One of the primary functions of an exhaust system is keeping the engine noise down. A loud engine suggests that there's a possible leak in the system and needs to be looked at sooner rather than later. Leaks can create potentially toxic fumes that can risk your life and that of your passengers.

4. Vibrating Sensation

Vibrations from your vehicle is another sign also caused by leaks within the exhaust system. This can be dangerous as the driver can lose his ability to control the vehicle. If you’re experiencing any of the above-named signs, it's advisable to take swift action. Dealing with exhaust system issues early not only keeps your vehicle safely maintained and secure, it also helps protect the environment from emissions. According to research conducted by the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics at Aristotle University, exhaust after-treatments of engines are being widely used to benefit atmosphere quality. Catching these signs early and keeping up with regular maintenance can help keep your vehicle in healthy condition and help you save money on repair costs. For more information on any of our auto repair services, contact Custom Complete Automotive today!

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