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4 Steps To Properly Warm Up Your Car in Cold Weather

Cold winter mornings can be harsh on your vehicle. Learning how to properly warm up your car can help you save money, stay comfortable, and keep your car in good repair all winter long. Keep reading to discover how to properly warm up your car this winter season.

car parked outside during winter

1. Make Sure Your Vehicle is in a Safe Spot

The first step to properly warming up your car is to ensure your vehicle is in a safe spot. If you are parked inside a garage, ensure the garage door is open before turning on and warming up your car.

2. Turn On the Vehicle and Defroster

The air conditioner engages automatically when you select the defrost mode to dehumidify the air. The defroster blows air from the heating and ventilation unit to the windshield for maximum deforesting and clears the window while the engine warms up. During the winter, consider using the defroster turned-on high temperature settings to melt ice and snow and defog the windshield, thus, keeping the car warm. Most cars have settings that direct all air to the windshield to support the defrosting.

3. Let the Engine Run for 30 Seconds

While many believe sitting and letting your car idle for five to ten minutes is the best way to warm up your vehicle, this is no longer the case for modern cars. In fact, letting your car idle for too long can waste fuel and even potentially harm your vehicle. Modern cars made within the last 20-30 years use fuel injection to push air or fuel mixture to the engine, thus enabling them ready for driving within 30 seconds. The sensors automatically adjust the air pressure, temperature, and humidity in fuel injection systems.

4. Start Driving Slowly and Take It Easy for the First 15 Minutes

Driving carefully for the first 10-15 minutes in cold weather can actually warm your car faster than letting it idle. Start the car slowly and take it easy on the gas pedal for about five to fifteen minutes when driving in cold weather.

Keep Your Car in Excellent Repair This Winter

The cold weather can be brutal on your vehicle. For more tips on how to keep your car in excellent shape this winter season, or to learn more about our auto repair services, contact our team at Custom Complete Automotive today!

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