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4 Things You Should Know About Tire Repair

When driving your car, your tires are exposed to a lot of wear and tear. All kinds of things such as nails, stones, broken glass, potholes, or hitting a curb could lead to anything from a small puncture to bulges or a large cut in your tire. Considering that tires contribute to almost 19,000 vehicle accident injuries yearly, it is important to ensure your tires are kept in good condition and are properly repaired when necessary. Keep reading to discover certain facts you should know about tire repair.

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1. Patches Last Longer Than Plugs

When it comes to fixing a puncture in your tire, you can choose between two options. You either opt for the cost-friendliness of plugs or the durability of patches. While a plug takes less time, it is not as durable or long-lasting as a patch. Patches are more reliable. They involve a much more strenuous procedure where you take out the tire from the rim so you can install the patch from the inside. Although the service costs more, it ensures you don't visit the mechanic repair shop frequently. You ultimately save yourself from servicing costs that could pile up in no time.

2. Patches Don't Work for Every Tire Damage

Patches may prove to be durable fixes, but they aren't the answer to every type of tire damage. For a patch to hold, it binds with the outer threads or cords that run along your car tires. These cords are only present at the part of the tire that touches the road, which means when your tire sidewall develops a fault, a patch can't serve its purpose. For any bulges, punctures, or bubbles in the sidewall of your tire, or punctures wider than ¼ inch, the tire should be replaced.

3. Patches Don't Affect the Lifespan of Tires

When installed properly, a tire repair can keep your tire lasting as long as it would have before the damage. In fact, the same tire can have multiple repairs and still be in good condition. However, repairs should never be overlapped. A patch applied on another patch doesn’t last this long and is a potential safety hazard to you.

4. Professional Repairs are Better Than DIY Repairs

Yes, you will find many DIY repair kits and tutorials with plugs and patches all over the internet. However, we advise that you always leave tire repairs to the experts. This is due to the strenuous work required to apply these fixes, as well as the complexity of getting them right. With professional tire repair, you ensure your patches remain durable and prevent any future accidents from occurring.

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