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4 Tips for Expertly Cleaning Your Car Interior

During your busy schedule, taking the time to clean your car interior can seem frivolous. However, taking the time to keep your car interior looking and feeling fresh can greatly improve your driving experience and even keep your car running at its best. Keep reading to check out these four tips for expertly cleaning your car’s interior.

clean car interior for improved vehicle performance

1. Remove Mats and Cleanable Parts

The mats should be one of the first things that you remove from your car's interior. In addition to the floor mats, there are many other removable parts in car interiors that are designed to be removed to make cleaning easier. These items include things like cupholders and other interior inserts. Removing these parts to clean them separately will help make the detailing process easier.

2. Vacuum and Detail Interior

Vacuuming and detailing are important steps in cleaning your car's interior. You want to start with vacuuming up any other heavy or large debris in your interior. You can also use a detailing brush to get to any debris that is stuck in the cracks. Do all the vacuuming before using cleaning liquids to prevent debris from sticking in the deep crevices of your upholstery or other finishes.

3. Clean Dashboard and Interior Panels

You also want to clean the dashboard and other interior panels. When cleaning the panels, you might want to use cleaners that help protect the finishes inside your car. Using the right cleaners will help protect finishes and prevent wear like discoloration from exposure to sunlight.

4. Clean the Windows Inside and Out

Finally, you will want to clean the glass in your car. Start with cleaning the outside of the windows and then do the interior. Today, there are several different options for glass cleaners to use on the interior or exterior. These special automotive glass cleaners can help to prevent windows from fogging up or even improve visibility in bad weather. At Custom Complete Automotive, we strive to help you get the most our of your vehicle. For more car cleaning tips, or to learn more about our auto repair services, contact us today!

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