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5 Car Parts Potholes Can Damage

As temperatures start to drop and rainy, snowy, and icy conditions start to become more frequent, the amount of potholes and other damage to our roads and highways increase. Keep reading to check out these five parts of your vehicle potholes can damage and steps you can take to avoid potholes and keep your car in good condition.

pothole in middle of highway

Pothole Damage

Hundreds of times a day, across our country, drivers drive into holes in the road that could not be seen and avoided in time. When accidents like these occur, potholes can cause vehicles to suffer a handful of issues to multiple systems such as:

1. Wheel Alignment

When your car hits a pothole, no matter the speed you are is going, the car may bottom out, causing your wheels to become unaligned and a loss of control. The bent steering components can cause the automobile to pull to one side, which can often lead to other issues.

2. The Exhaust System

Driving into a large pothole can sometimes cause the exhaust system to scrape along the ground. When this occurs, holes are sometimes ripped into the exhaust pipes and repairs are needed.

3. Wheel Rims

Not only can hitting a pothole cause your wheel rims to bend, but it can also damage the internal tire area. Based on the severity of the impact, a driver may face alignment issues and shock and strut problems.

4. Tires

Potholes have caused many flat tires, tire damage, weakened belts and cords, and uneven tire wear. Even more worrisome, hitting a pothole can also sometimes cause your tire to blow out which can lead to accidents and other hazards.

5. Suspension System

When hitting a pothole, your suspension system can also become damaged. A bent, broken, or damaged suspension or any of its components will often cause premature wear of struts and shocks.

Avoiding Potholes

In order to prevent damage caused by potholes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Slow down because high speeds worsen the damage you could receive.
  •  Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you.
  • If you see a puddle in the road, assume it is a pothole and avoid driving through it.
  • Potholes can cause your vehicle to jolt violently. Keep a solid grip on the steering wheel and don’t panic.
  • It is possible to cause even more damage if you brake too suddenly.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated.

Custom Complete Automotive

At Custom Complete Automotive, our team can help you inspect your vehicle, no matter the make, model, and tires, and repair any pothole damage. To learn more about our auto services, contact us today!

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