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5 Car Repairs You Shouldn't Do Yourself

Today's digital age makes it easy to learn just about anything online and start doing it, including fixing your car. Being your own mechanic, especially for simple things like repairing a dim headlight, can save you money and time. However, some complex repairs are best left to the pros. Below are the top five car repairs you shouldn't do yourself.

certified mechanic repairing car issues

1. Fuel and Emission Systems

When your car's fuel system works correctly, it supplies the right fuel mix at the appropriate pressure into the engine. Any wrong moves during the repair process could cause catastrophic car failure. The emission system is equally delicate and, when improperly installed, causes the engine light to turn on and can jeopardize your car's fuel efficiency.

2. Anything Involving the Engine

Combustion engines have more than 200 moving parts and are not easy to work on, as any YouTube video would have you believe. Furthermore, engines are very heavy and lifting them requires specialized equipment. Ultimately, messing with the engine could jeopardize other systems and even make your car unsafe to drive.

3. Transmission Repairs

The most complex system in any car is, arguably, the transmission. It has thousands of complex parts and one wrong move can damage the entire system. It’s best to take your car to a licensed garage to avoid disastrous results, even if it's just the transmission fluid you want to change.

4. Electrical Systems

Tweaking your car's AC or swapping out the radio for a new model can seem quick and easy. However, electrical systems are very complex, and even a minor short circuit could lead to an electrical fire. Improper repairs could also drain your battery or make other systems unreliable.

5. Brakes

While repairing the brakes can seem easy, you must remember that the braking system has a major safety role. Any mistake in handling the brake fluid, wheel bearings, rotors, or calibers jeopardizes the safety of anyone who enters your car. At Custom Complete Automotive, we offer extensive car repair services and are ready to help you with your car issues. Whether you just need a simple diagnostic or a total engine overhaul, we are ready and capable of handling the work. To learn more about our auto repair services, contact us today!

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