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5 Causes of an Exhaust Leak

Your car is supposed to get you to the grocery store, classes, or work, and everywhere in between, and it's supposed to do so safely. This means your vehicle needs proper upkeep to run optimally. One crucial aspect of car maintenance often overlooked is the exhaust system. A leak in your exhaust can lead to many issues, from decreased fuel efficiency to potential health hazards. Check out these top five causes of an exhaust leak and how to get it fixed promptly.

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Causes of an Exhaust Leak

  1. Corrosion: Over time, exposure to moisture, salt, and other environmental factors can cause corrosion to eat away at your exhaust system, creating weak spots and eventually leading to leaks.
  2. Physical Impacts: Whether it was a speed bump you didn't see or debris on the road, physical impacts can dent or damage your exhaust system, compromising its integrity and causing leaks.
  3. Failing Gaskets: The seals and gaskets in your exhaust system can degrade over time, allowing gases to escape and leading to leaks. Regular inspection and replacement of these components are essential for maintaining a tight seal.
  4. Poor Welds: Improper welding during installation or repair of your exhaust system can result in weak spots and cracks, allowing exhaust gases to leak out.
  5. Time and Age: Like everything else, exhaust systems experience natural wear and tear over time. The constant exposure to heat and vibration can cause joints to loosen, seals to deteriorate, and metal to weaken, eventually resulting in leaks.

Expert Exhaust Repairs with Custom Complete Automotive

At Custom Complete Automotive, we understand that your time is valuable and your safety is paramount. Our team of certified technicians are dedicated to providing expert exhaust installation and repair services. From diagnosing the source of the leak to implementing effective solutions, we're here to save you time and stress. Schedule an appointment with us today, and let us keep your vehicle running smoothly for many more miles to come!

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