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5 Common Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Car

As a car owner, regular and proper auto maintenance is necessary to avoid accidents, ensure your car functions optimally, and enhance longevity. However, care and maintenance extend beyond regular servicing, oil changes, and tire rotation. Daily care includes good driving habits. Bad driving habits can significantly reduce your car's average lifespan. Keep reading to discover common driving habits that could potentially damage your vehicle.

car owner practicing good driving habits

1. Running on Fumes

Allowing your car to get to down to low fuel levels can be detrimental to the fuel system in your car. The fuel usually acts as a coolant in the system to prevent parts from overheating. If you run out of fuel, the car's fuel pump, fuel system, and catalytic converter could be damaged. Also, starting your car when low on fuel can damage your ignition.

2. Revving a Cold Engine

Revving a cold engine introduces unnecessary stress on the engine compartment, increasing wear and tear, because the engine parts haven’t had time to be lubricated with thorough oil circulation. Revving a cold engine can also cause sudden temperature changes that can damage parts.

3. Riding the Clutch

Even though driving in traffic congestion can be a driving nightmare, your car will suffer damage if you keep your clutch constantly engaged for easy movement when the lights change. Keeping the clutch pedal pressed for a long time or failing to remove one's foot from the pedal after changing the gear increases wear and tear to the plates.

4. Speed Shifting from Reverse to Drive

Shifting gears before coming to a complete stop is a universal driving mistake that most people make to save time in a hurry. However, such sudden changes in direction can cause serious damage to the car’s transmission system. To keep your transmission in good repair, come to a complete stop for a smooth shift from drive to reverse or vice versa.

5. Flooring the Accelerator in a Higher Gear

Accelerating at a high gear, or at a low rpm, causes the engine to overwork, thus increasing wear and tear. While most people ignore the signs, most modern cars indicate a shift in high and low gears on the dashboard. Always keep track of the changes to adjust your acceleration accordingly.

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While some bad driving habits have minimal effects, others can cause serious stress and costly long-term damages. At Custom Complete Automotive, our auto repair mechanics will help keep your car in tip top shape. For more car care tips, or to learn more about our auto repair services, contact us today!

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