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5 DIY Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do at Home

Want to save money by working on your own vehicle but don't know where to begin? We have some quick tips to make it easier for you that many people learn the hard way. Here are 5 DIY maintenance tasks you can do at home, lowering your expenses each time you visit an auto repair shop.

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1. Change engine oil

Oil is a coolant that protects the car engine from overheating, but it doesn't last long. According to AAA, you need to change oil every 5000-7000 miles. Fortunately, this is something you can do at home without checking into a shop. Read our blog post from last week with more insight on how to change your oil.

2. Clean battery terminals

Corrosion damages the battery terminals especially if it's not regularly checked. To clean the terminals, you need to prepare a mixture of water and baking soda. Dip a toothbrush in the mixture and scrub the terminals and the area around them, removing any corrosion.

3. Change air filter

For your engine to run efficiently, it needs clean air. On the top or side of the engine, locate your air filter box. If it's possible to clean all the dirt, you don't need a replacement. Otherwise, replace the air filter.

4. Replace wiper blades

You'll save money and time if you know how to change wiper blades on your own. Try to remove the wiper blades while paying attention to how they connect to their arms. Attach new wiper blades being careful not to bend the arms.

5. Inflate tires

Inflating car tires boosts fuel economy and averts the risk of wear. The right pounds per square inch (PSI) for your vehicle is determined by the manufacturer. All you need is a car tire pump and you're good to go. This one can be quick and easy!

Contact Custom Complete Automotive for Advanced Help

Although you can do a lot of DIY car maintenance tasks on your own, some problems are complex and only an expert can solve them. That's where Custom Complete Automotive comes in! We offer you specialized help and quickly get your car up and running. We even offer coupons to keep your costs low! For more car maintenance tips, or to schedule an appointment with our expert mechanics, contact us at Custom Complete Automotive today!

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