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5 Must-Have Car Accessories

Fancy car accessories like floor mats and shoulder pillows imprinted with your favorite art piece may be exciting. However, there are several other car accessories that provide a lot more value during your daily commutes. Keep reading to discover some the of the best car accessories to have in your car at all times.

phone holder accessory for vehicle

1. Mobile Phone Holders

Phone holders allow you to use your phone for driving-related functions like GPS map tracking and quick internet lookups without having to use your hands. These cheap accessories ensure comfort, organization, and safety when driving. You just attach them to the air conditioning vents, adjust your phone to a suitable angle, and with the help of voice assistants, never have to worry about taking your hands off the wheel.

2. A Tiny Trash Can

Car litter is responsible for over 800 fatal accidents in the US every year. Having a trash can in your car and using it appropriately can help prevent that empty water bottle from rolling beneath your brake pads, or other distractions, and causing an accident.

3. A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are the fastest pieces of cleaning equipment you may employ in your vehicle. They work across the board - with your car mats, leather seats, dashboard, vents, and every nook and cranny in your car. Cordless vacuum cleaners are an excellent purchase to help keep your car clean and free of distractions.

4. Blind-Spot Mirrors

Reversing your car and looking for cars in your blind spot can be a literal pain in the neck if you have to turn around every time. Not every car has monitors that show what is directly behind you while driving, so blind spot mirrors are your saviors here. Just attach them to your side mirrors for easier, safer merging and reversing.

5. Escape Tracks

Although they work in any sticky condition, escape tracks will come in especially handy now that we're approaching the winter season. You don't want a situation where you want to quickly get some groceries and end up having to deal with a car stuck in the snow without any feasible solution. Using escape tracks, you can quickly get your car moving.

Get the Best Services for Your Car

Using these accessories becomes impossible if your car constantly develops faults or doesn't even work. At Custom Complete Automotive, our certified mechanics provide expert, affordable auto repair services to keep you on the road and your car healthy. For more car care tips, or to schedule an auto repair appointment at one of our locations in Missouri, contact us today!

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