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5 Reasons to Keep Your Wheels Aligned This Winter

Does your steering wheel seem crooked when you're driving straight? Is it vibrating? Are your tires squealing? These aren't just annoying quirks. They're indications that your vehicle needs an expert wheel alignment and, with winter upon us, the sooner the better!

car with properly aligned wheels during winter

Reasons Why Winter Wheel Alignment is Important

Proper wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle is performing at its best and can save you from expensive repairs down the road. It also means a safer, more stable, and more comfortable ride. Most importantly, a proper alignment will help keep you safer this winter by giving you better traction and steering control.

What Happens When Wheel Alignment is Ignored?

  1. Rapid or uneven tire wear can occur, causing you to replace your tires more often.
  2. Your wheels will have to work harder to remain straight and stay on the road, causing your car to use up gas quickly, leading to more frequent fill-ups and more money out of your pocket.
  3. Your vehicle's steering and suspension will suffer. That can mean more expensive repairs later on.
  4. Control and handling are affected when your vehicle is out of alignment. That's the last thing you need on snow or ice!
  5. Improper wheel alignment can cause your ride to be shaky, rough, and uncomfortable.

When To Have Your Wheel Alignment Checked

If you notice that your tires seem to be wearing unevenly, or faster than expected, have your alignment checked. You should also have it checked whenever you get new tires or have the old tires rotated. Since winter tires are made from a durable but more pliable rubber material and are often driven in the roughest and absolutely worst winter road conditions, make especially sure you keep them aligned properly throughout the winter season.

Let Us Keep Your Wheels Aligned

Winter driving with its rough roads and an ever-increasing number of potholes is hard on your vehicle. It's especially hard on your wheel alignment! To avoid uneven tire wear or the possible need for expensive repairs to your steering or suspension systems, bring your vehicle in for an alignment inspection or service every 6,000 miles or after it's hit an especially big bump, a large chunk of ice, or a pothole. Let the ASE and CCA certified technicians at our family-owned shop keep your wheels properly aligned this winter. The peace of mind of knowing that you'll have quick, accurate, and responsive steering on icy roads is definitely worth it. To learn more about our auto services, contact us today!

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