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5 Reasons Why You Should Call a Tow Truck

When an unexpected issues arises while driving down the road and causes you to pull over, choosing between calling a tow truck or driving yourself to the closest auto repair shop can be a tough decision. While calling a tow truck would cost a few extra dollars, there are times when driving your car any further can cause more damage. But how do you know? Check out these times when calling a tow truck is necessary.

car being towed to nearest auto repair shop

1. Brake Problems

When your brakes start squeaking or won't catch, it is time to stop your car and call a tow truck. If you continue driving, it's possible that the brakes might go out completely, leaving you unable to stop.

2. Steering and Suspension Problems

Does it feel like you're fighting your car to turn the steering wheel? This can be an indication of a variety of problems with your steering and suspension. At this point, it is best to pull over and have the vehicle towed before you lose the ability to control your car.

3. Leaking Fluids

When there are fluids leaking out from under your car, a system in the vehicle isn't getting what it needs to properly perform. For example, without oil, your entire engine can seize up. This can lead to costly repairs. You are better off having the car towed to ensure there isn't further damage elsewhere.

4. Frequent Breakdowns

If your car is limping along with breakdowns every few days, it's time to have it towed to a mechanic who can diagnose and fix the issue. By continuing to drive it, you risk making the problem worse and more costly repairs.

5. Poor Wheel Alignment

When you move the steering wheel one way, the tires should line up and move the car in that direction. If your tires squeal and the vehicle pulls to the side, it is likely your wheels are out of alignment. This can cause tire issues and make your car hard to control. To avoid an accident, you should have your car towed to the nearest auto repair shop. With our towing services at Custom Complete Automotive, we can tow your car straight to one of our shops, diagnose the issue, and make any needed repairs to get you back on the road in no time. For more information regarding our towing services or any of our other auto services, contact us today!

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