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5 Reasons Why Your Cruise Control is Not Working

Cruise control is a convenient feature in almost all vehicles. It may seem like a luxury rather than a necessity, but most people depend on it for a safe drive, especially for long-distance highway driving. The feature lets the driver take the foot off the gas pedal while maintaining the same vehicle speed, giving the leg rest. Certain issues can arise that may cause your cruise control to malfunction and stop working altogether. Keep reading to discover the top most common reasons why your cruise control feature may stop working.

cruise controller in car

1. Blown Fuse

All electrical transmissions in a vehicle are enhanced and controlled by fuses. Once the engine control system detects a defect in the fuse and other electrical components, it sends a check engine warning light to the dashboard and eventually disables the cruise control system.

2. Faulty Brake Light Switch

When a driver presses the brake pedal, the brake light switch is detected by the cruise control system to slow the vehicle down. If the switch is faulty and cannot be detected, the cruise control system will automatically disable itself until the issue is fixed.

3. Damaged Speed Sensor

Most vehicles' speed sensors are located on the differential or on every wheel to transmit speed information to the engine control system and cruise control unit. When the speed sensor malfunctions, they send wrong information to the engine, causing cruise control to stop working and making the speedometer act strange.

4. Broken or Loose Cruise Control Cable

The cruise control of most old model vehicles has two throttle cables: one for the cruise control system and another for the gas pedal. The system may stop working if the cruise control cable stretches over time.

5. Electrical Issues

The cruise control system is connected to several electrical components. If these connectors and wiring are faulted, the cruise control lacks proper power supply and will stop working.

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