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5 Reasons Your Car is Shaking

If you have been noticing consistent shaking every time you drive your vehicle, that could be a sign of a potentially serious issue. In order to guarantee correct diagnosis and repairs and keep your car in good condition, it’s important to have your car inspected by a reputable automotive technician as soon as possible. Keep reading to discover why your car is shaking.

car at repair shop for shaking

1. Engine Issues

The engine block is comprised of many internal parts, and when the vibration comes from the engine, the problem might likely come from damaged spark plugs or clogged air filters. Faulty spark plugs can't ignite the oil-air mixture. That, combined with a bad air filter, means the air entering the motor is contaminated. As a result, the engine misfires, causing vibrations.

2. Axle Problems

An issue within the axle and its related parts can also cause intensified vehicle vibration. If you drive over bumps and potholes frequently, you're likely to bend the axle and driveshaft. The crookedness of these parts could cause car wobbling. Furthermore, worn CV joints increase dirt and dust build-up on the axles, causing dramatic vibrations. If that occurs in a front-wheel-drive car, it would be best to replace the front axle.

3. Wheel Damage and Bad Alignment

Wheel damages typically occur when you hit against curbs or cruise over potholes. A bend to the wheel is enough to cause cabin vibrations in your car. It also poses a driving risk because it leads to poor handling. Additionally, misaligned wheels lead to uneven tire wear and suspension issues. Proper wheel alignment and maintenance can help alleviate car vibrations and improve driving safety.

4. Tire Issues

If it isn't the engine, wheels, or axles, the tires might be causing your car to shake. Unbalanced tires, separated tire tread, or even a loose tire could be the cause of vehicle vibrations. Have your tires inspected by a professional to eliminate vibrations and prevent further issues.

5. Brake Problems

The front brakes typically endure the most stress, causing premature wear in critical parts, such as pads and rotors. After prolonged use, the pads wear out while the rotors become warped. This can lead to a screeching sound and cause the vehicle to shake whenever the brake pedals are pressed.

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