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5 Safety Tips for Driving in Fog

Driving in fog requires better judgment and caution, especially when driving through rain, in the early morning, or in unfamiliar territory. Poor visibility increases the chances of unfortunate incidents and can be hazardous if you fail to adhere to important road safety tips. If you must drive through dense fog, check out these fog driving safety tips to keep in mind.

vehicle driving through fog

1. Keep Your Low Beam Headlights On But Do Not Use High Beam Lights

Regardless of the time of day, keep your headlights on when driving through the fog for added visibility for you and other drivers. Headlights allow you to see the road ahead better, while ensuring other drivers can see you. However, avoid using high-beam lights as they can create glare, making it harder to see ahead.

2. Keep Moving or Pull Over

While it can be tempting to stop when you cannot see the road clearly, it is essential to never stop on the road, as cars behind may not realize, leading to a rear-end accident. If the fog becomes denser and unsafe to drive, pulling over or finding a safe place to park away from traffic flow is advisable.

3. Maintain a Safe Speed

Driving in fog can result in decreased visibility, making it crucial to move at a safe speed and put more distance in between you and other vehicles. Maintaining a safe speed and keeping adequate space between other cars increases your reaction time, preventing fog-related incidents.

4. Use the Right-Side Line of the Road as a Guide

The white line painted on the right side of the road is a critical element on the road that enhances your visibility when driving in fog. It can be a helpful guide compared to the center line that brings you closer to oncoming vehicles.

5. Keep Your Windshield and Windows Clear

Your windshield wipers and defrosters play a critical role when driving in fog, providing a clear view of your surroundings. Defrosters help dry out moisture created on the windshield by fog, while wipers help keep the glass clear.

Keep Your Car Prepared

At Custom Complete Automotive, we can help ensure your car's headlights, windshield wipers, defrosters, and other parts are in good condition and ready for driving through fog and other autumn weather. To learn more about our auto services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our locations in Missouri, contact us today!

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