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5 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

According to data from the Department of Transportation, most weather-related car accidents occur on wet pavements (70%) or during rainfall (46%). However, sometimes, we have no choice but to brace for the rain to run errands, catch an important meeting, or commute to work. That's why it helps to follow these safety guidelines when driving in the rain.

car driving through rain

1. Slow Down

Slowing down in rainy conditions is crucial, as wet roads can reduce traction and increase your stopping distance. Be sure to drive at the speed limit, especially on unfamiliar roads and highways. Also, as rain reduces your visibility on the road, you should decrease your speed to respond better to unexpected situations.

2. Maintain a Safe Distance

Maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you is essential for avoiding road accidents in the rain. The rule of thumb is to keep a three-second gap between you and the vehicle ahead.

3. Avoid Puddles & Standing Water

Standing water on the roads can create hazardous conditions for your car. It can obscure your view of the road ahead, reduce traction, and make it challenging to steer or brake quickly. To stay safe in these situations, avoid large puddles of water on the roads and be especially careful when driving through areas with standing water.

4. Watch Out for Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning occurs when your car tires lose contact with the wet pavement due to a layer of water between them, causing you to lose control of the vehicle. To reduce the risk of hydroplaning, ensure your tires are properly inflated, and never drive too fast in wet conditions.

5. Use Your Lights

Using your headlights during rainfall is essential for alerting other drivers of your presence on the road, especially when visibility is low. Additionally, you should leverage fog lamps as they provide a better view of the area around you and make it easier to spot hazards on the road.

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