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5 Signs of an Exhaust Leak

The car exhaust system serves the simple purpose of directing gases from the engine combustion chamber to the outside of your vehicle through an exhaust pipe leading to the left or right end of the rear bumper. An exhaust leak can cause these dangerous fumes to enter the cabin and even cause your vehicle to fail emissions inspections. To ensure issues are fixed in a timely manner and keep your car working properly, discover these five signs of an exhaust leak.

car exhaust functioning properly due to exhaust repair services

1. Increased Engine Noise

One common sign of an exhaust leak is increased engine noise. Loud rumbling in the engine, especially during acceleration, or popping, hissing, or any other strange sounds could point to an exhaust leak or a damaged muffler.

2. Weak Acceleration/Loss of Power

If your car is not accelerating as usual when you press the gas, it might be due to exhaust leakage. It’s important to have the leak repaired as soon as you notice an issue, as your vehicle will continue losing power until the problem is resolved. It is also a good idea to have your car checked for other culprits such as a bad air filter or clogged gas pipe, as these issues could also cause a loss of acceleration and power.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

Poor fuel economy is another common sign of an exhaust leak. Exhaust leaks make it harder for your engine to perform, resulting in more trips to the gas station and reduced fuel efficiency.

4. Gas Pedal Vibration

Does your gas pedal vibrate when you accelerate? These vibrations could be a sign of an exhaust leak. Escaping fuel can lead to an incredibly strong rattling of the gas pedal and eventually cause vibrations throughout the entire vehicle.

5. Burning Smell

The exhaust system is designed to let out gases through the exhaust pipe opening under the rear bumper. However, a small leak may let hazardous gases into the passenger cabins, from underneath the seats or even through the windows. If you notice a burning or gas smell, it is best to take your car in for exhaust system repair as soon as possible.

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At Custom Complete Automotive, our certified mechanics will repair any leaks within your car’s exhaust system to prevent more expensive damages down the road. To learn more about our exhaust repair services, or to schedule an appointment at one of our locations, contact us today!

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