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5 Signs Your Car A/C Needs to be Recharged

Your car's air conditioner helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your vehicle, particularly during the intense summer heat. Some of its parts can break down naturally after continued usage. Thus, it is important to maintain and service your vehicle's air conditioning system properly. Delaying A/C repairs can strain the damaged system and even trigger the deterioration of other parts, making repairs more costly. Check out these five signs your car A/C needs to be recharged.

car ac recharged and working properly

1. The System Pushes Lukewarm Air That Won't Cool

The A/C could be damaged when you can't feel cold air coming from it, even after turning it to the coldest setting. There could be a restriction in the air conditioning system, a refrigerant leak, or even a failed temperature blend door actuator. The problem could also be triggered by a clogged A/C metering device or issues with the evaporator, condenser, compressor, or cooling fan.

2. Poor Airflow From the System

An A/C suddenly becoming less strong or nonexistent could signify a damaged system. In most instances, poor airflow is due to a ruined blower motor, its resistor, or the switch.

3. Unusual Noises From the Air Conditioner

Noise is a common issue with A/C systems. If you notice some whining or rattling sounds from the vents, they could signal that the unit needs repair. The fan motor, compressor, or other part of the unit could be the source of the noise.

4. A Leaking A/C Unit

When the seals around the A/C go bad, the unit starts to leak and should be repaired immediately. It is important to replace the seals before stopping the leak. Otherwise, you may worsen the leak.

5. An Immobile Compressor Clutch

You should have no trouble hearing the A/C compressor clutch engage after turning on the A/C. Otherwise, the refrigerant charge could be too low for normal operation of the unit. A stalled or broken air conditioning compressor prevents the compressor from accessing power from the engine, resulting in a seized compressor clutch. Your car's air conditioning unit is a complex system that requires proper attention and handling during repairs. Rather than fumbling around trying to fix it alone, it is advisable to leave the work to the pros. Our auto repair experts at Custom Complete Automotive can help diagnose the specific issue and conduct the appropriate repairs. To learn more about our air conditioning repair services, contact us today!

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