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5 Signs Your Tires are Out of Balance

Tire balancing is the rectifying of weight imbalances on the wheels of an automobile. Balancing ensures there is an equal distribution of mass across the tires. It also reduces tension on the drivetrain, provides a smoother ride, and reduces tire wear. Your tires may seem perfectly symmetrical, but that is not always the case when moving at different driving speeds. Keep reading to discover five signs your tires are unbalanced.

vehicle with properly balanced tires

1. Steering Challenges

Unbalanced tires can lead to delays in the steering wheel response time. As a result, steering will become strenuous and handling your vehicle will become difficult. In addition, unbalanced tires can cause your tires to veer left or right.

2. Changes in Gas Mileage

Unbalanced tires create resistance and strain in the engine. The engine has to put more effort to keep the automobile in motion. Consequentially, the engine consumes more gas to endure these conditions. Keep watch of your vehicle's fuel consumption by doing a simple calculation of gallons consumed against miles covered.

3. Strange Vibrations

The most noticeable symptom of unbalanced tires is vibrations from the steering wheel. In severe cases, these vibrations may be felt throughout your vehicle when driving at higher speeds.

4. Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tire wear is a great indication of unbalanced wheels. Tire wear poses a higher risk of flat tires and rupture while driving, which can lead to dangerous accidents. For a temporary solution, you can have your tires rotated. However, it is best to have your tires replaced and properly balanced as soon as possible.

5. Worn Out Components

Unbalanced tires cause vehicles to work under immense stress. Under the circumstances, wear and tear of the springs, shocks, bearings, and other components can occur. Ensure your tires are balanced in time to avoid the extra cost of replacing other parts.

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