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5 Signs You're Due for an Oil Change

You’re supposed to change your oil between 3,000 and 5,000 miles, or a minimum of once every three months. However, it can be easy to forget when you last had your oil changed. If you suspect you’re overdue for an oil change, looking for a few tell-tale signs can help.

checking oil under hood of car

1. Your Oil is Dark or Dirty.

Check your oil and wipe the dipstick on a white rag or paper towel. Take a look at the color of the oil. Is it dark and dirty? If so, chances are you're overdue for your oil change.

2. You Can Hear More Engine Noise or Knocking.

You've recently noticed that your car is starting to make strange noises. The engine is knocking and you're hearing more noise from your engine than usual. This could be a sign that your oil is running a little low or, conversely, a sign that your oil simply needs to be changed. Before panicking about unfamiliar noises, check your mileage since your last oil change or bring your car in to an automotive specialist.

3. You Can Smell Oil in the Car

If you can smell oil, chances are you're overdue for a change. Bring your car in for a checkup as soon as possible.

4. You Have Dark Exhaust

There are plenty of things that can darken your car's exhaust, but if you can see that it's turning dark or if a helpful friend driving behind you has commented on it, you're most likely due for an oil change.

5. Your Oil Light Comes On

Is your low oil light on? Has the car offered a warning that not all is quite right? If so, get your car in for that oil change as soon as possible.

If you suspect your car is due for an oil change, wait no longer! Contact us today to put your oil change on the schedule to keep your car in running shape today.

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